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Published May 17, 2024

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Regardless of however severely your files, oregon their formats, are damaged, EaseUS Fixo tin reconstruct your bureau files, videos and photos, adjacent successful batches. Get a beingness subscription for $49.99 astatine TechRepublic Academy.

TL;DR: Restore corrupted files rapidly and easy with EaseUS Fixo — a beingness subscription is presently lone $49.99 astatine TechRepublic Academy.

Few things tin beryllium arsenic devastating to a concern arsenic losing important files. However, betwixt quality error, powerfulness surges and different accidents, this tin beryllium much than conscionable a distant possibility. Fortunately, you tin present easy and speedily repair corrupted oregon damaged files with EaseUS Fixo. Better yet, a beingness subscription is present connected merchantability for lone $49.99.

How does EaseUS Fixo work

It doesn’t substance what benignant of instrumentality was utilized to make files, wherever they’re stored oregon what their format is, EaseUS Fixo tin rapidly and easy bring them backmost to life. For example, representation files whitethorn go overexposed, underexposed, blurry oregon pixelated. They whitethorn beryllium connected your phone, computer, SD card, camera, USB flash thrust oregon representation instrumentality arsenic JPEG, PNG oregon JPG. You tin repair them individually oregon successful batches.

Videos contiguous nary occupation either. EaseUS Fixo tin speedily reconstruct your corrupted files successful a wide assortment of formats, including MOV, MP4, M2TS and others, whether they’ve been recorded connected cameras, drones, smartphones, dash cams oregon different devices.

Naturally, your bureau documents are conscionable arsenic captious arsenic media files, and EaseUS Fixo tin reconstruct those arsenic well. If immoderate of your PDF, Word, Excel oregon PowerPoint files go inaccessible oregon unreadable for immoderate reason, adjacent little tech-savvy employees tin travel the steps required to repair them due to the fact that they’re truthful easy. The full process lone requires 3 clicks.

You tin adhd the unusable files with resistance and driblet oregon by selecting them arsenic you browse done your record manager. After you click the Repair button, you tin preview each of the files to corroborate they were each afloat restored, past prevention them to wherever you choose.

It’s nary wonderment that EaseUS Fixo is rated 4.7 retired of 5 stars connected Trustpilot with implicit 20,000 reviews.

Get a beingness subscription of EaseUS Fixo contiguous portion it’s lone $49.99 astatine TechRepublic Academy.

Prices and availability are taxable to change.

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