Revolut alums raise millions for Vault, a startup offering banking services to Canadian SMBs

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Vault, an online banking level serving small-to-medium sized concern (SMBs) successful Canada, is launching to the nationalist contiguous aft raising $3.7 cardinal successful effect funding.

Founded successful precocious 2021 by Saud Aziz and Ahmed Shafik (who antecedently worked astatine sunday, Revolut and Koho), Toronto, Ontario-based Vault says its ngo is to “revolutionize” the banking acquisition for Canadian entrepreneurs and SMBs by giving them a spot “to negociate their wealth much efficiently and efficaciously portion redeeming connected costly banking fees.”

Vault touts the quality to motion up customers — successful this lawsuit entrepreneurs and concern owners — “quickly,” oregon successful little than 5 minutes.

While startups offering banking services to SMBs abound successful the U.S, they are acold little communal successful Canada, Shafik told TechCrunch. His and Aziz’s parents were tiny concern owners, truthful the brace saw firsthand the challenges they faced erstwhile it came to managing their finances.

“In Canada, determination are 5 large banks, truthful galore concern owners person to woody with antiquated processes specified arsenic going to a subdivision to marque a $50,000 ligament transfer, positive paying an exorbitant magnitude of fees,” helium added. “What you person connected the U.S. broadside with Mercury, Brex and Ramp — it conscionable doesn’t beryllium here. People are utilized to going to the branch, calling a subdivision manager conscionable to woody with regular banking operations.”

Shafik acknowledges determination are products that beryllium for circumstantial usage cases. For example, Canadians person entree to TransferWise to marque transfers, oregon recognition unions if they privation to instrumentality retired a recognition paper oregon a loan. But for banking successful general, the options are limited.

“It took america astir a week and a fractional conscionable to unfastened our concern account,” said Shafik. “In Canada, we’re astir apt 3 to 5 years behind.”

Vault’s customers, the startup claims, wage nary monthly oregon yearly fees and don’t person to transportation minimum balances. Features see the quality to person section accounts successful CAD, USD, GBP and EUR to hold, nonstop and person funds; a real-time currency speech that it claims is “10x cheaper” than the large banks; a multi-currency Mastercard firm paper with 1% cashback; walk absorption for employees; escaped home and planetary slope transfers to 180 countries and accounting integrations “to automate bookkeeping.”

Vault besides announced the quality to acquisition concern products, including GICs (guaranteed concern certificates) that it says volition gain up to 5.00%. Its extremity is to grow its offerings to see lending, savings products, outgo automation and much analyzable FX products aboriginal this year. 

Gradient Ventures and Fin Capital co-led Vault’s US$3.7 cardinal effect raise, which closed past twelvemonth and included information from The Fintech Fund, Exponent Capital and Thirdbase Capital. Angel investors successful the institution see founders and executives of companies specified arsenic PayPal, Google Pay, Affirm, BNY Mellon, Airbnb, Coinbase, Revolut and Robinhood. 

Vault says it partners with regulated fiscal institutions and that its customers tin spot which fiscal instauration is holding their funds via their accounts page. Its Mastercard paper is issued by Peoples Trust Company.

Building infrastructure from the crushed up

Shafik said that Vault spent its archetypal twelvemonth conscionable gathering retired the infrastructure for the paper transfers and relationship products successful house.

“Infrastructure for fintech is fundamentally nonexistent present [in Canada],” helium told TechCrunch. “We don’t person products to physique connected apical of. You person to physique the infrastructure successful house, bash the diligence with banking partners to travel up with compliance programs and motorboat from scratch.”

Vault targets each industries, Shafik said, and conducted a aviator initially with astir 25 companies. Now, helium said, the startup is “growing into the 100s per month.” Companies ranging from 2 employees up to 100 are users, helium said with the company’s saccharine spot truthful acold being successful the “up to 100 worker mark.”

Vault co-founders Ahmed Shafik and Saud Aziz. Image Credits: Vault

When it comes to revenue, Vault says it makes wealth disconnected interchange and transaction fees.

“We’re excited honestly to travel retired of the gross with a merchandise that is acceptable to regenerate your full stack from time one, alternatively than travel up with conscionable 1 merchandise and physique implicit time,” Shafik said. “The reception from Canadian companies has been great, wherever they’re either utilizing america arsenic a superior relationship oregon astatine slightest trying america for a vertical.”

Zach Bratun-Glennon, laminitis and wide spouse astatine Gradient Ventures, believes that Canada “is a marketplace with unsocial fiscal work and exertion needs.”

He wrote via email: “It has a precocious measurement of cross-border transactions, a ample fig of multinational and distributed worker bases, and is simply a increasing hub for innovation.”

Despite the opportunity, Bratun-Glennon besides notes that Canadian fiscal services person been dilatory to follow caller technologies, compared to larger markets similar the U.S. and the EU. 

“Most businesses trust connected accepted banks oregon a fewer niche fintech solutions. Vault’s level tin regenerate a business’ full fiscal stack,” helium added. “One of Vault’s standout features is its multi-currency functionality. This allows businesses to marque and person payments successful aggregate currencies, without having to interest astir precocious overseas speech rates oregon excessive transportation fees.”

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