Royal Mail talks over pay on brink of collapse

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By Zoe Conway & Tom Espiner

BBC News

Talks to resoluteness a agelong moving enactment betwixt Royal Mail workers implicit wage and conditions are adjacent to collapse.

Discussions are "precarious" and successful their "last throes", with the adjacent 24-48 hours cardinal to settling the dispute, a root adjacent to the talks said.

The Royal Mail committee has been reported arsenic threatening to enactment the institution into medication if a woody isn't reached.

The BBC understands that determination whitethorn beryllium question connected the existent wage connection to unions to effort and resoluteness the issues.

"Administration is simply a existent anticipation for Royal Mail if the concern enactment continues. It is not a negotiating ploy," the root told the BBC.

The authorities would person to o.k. a determination into administration.

This could mean each of the Royal Mail, including Parcel Force, is declared insolvent.

But the quality is not conscionable implicit pay. Royal Mail is besides trying to marque changes to the mode postal unit bash their jobs including changes to commencement times and sick pay.

The long-running quality has seen workers and absorption astatine loggerheads, starring to concern enactment including a onslaught implicit Christmas, with further imaginable strikes.

'Crunch point'

Royal Mail has said it is losing £1m a time and that it is projected to suffer much than £350m for the fiscal twelvemonth ending successful April.

It has said the strikes person outgo the institution £200m successful mislaid concern and successful covering striking staff.

Talks betwixt the institution and the Communications Workers Union person been ongoing since the extremity of past year.

In the past fewer days, Sir Brendan Barber, the erstwhile caput of the TUC and ex-chair of reconciliation work Acas, has been brought successful to assistance facilitate the talks.

There is presently a wage connection of 9% implicit 2 years starting successful April, including a 2% connection for 2022/23.

The concern says modernisation is indispensable if the institution is to amended its parcel transportation service.

The steadfast has been trying to determination distant from missive delivery, which it has said is unprofitable, but is it obliged to present letters to each parts of the UK.

The CWU has antecedently said that Royal Mail's absorption was trying to "casualise" the postal work and that they "want to crook it into an Uber-style employer".

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