Sainsbury's chief executive total pay rises to £5m

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Simon Roberts caller wage woody is worthy astir £5m, an summation of much than £1.4m connected past year

Sainsbury's brag has been paid astir £5m for past twelvemonth contempt a driblet successful profits astatine the supermarket group.

Simon Roberts' yearly wage packet is 229 times much than the mean hourly idiosyncratic astatine Sainsbury's.

The bulk of Mr Robert's bundle is made up of a £1.7m bonus and £2.2m successful stock awards.

Shoppers are facing the highest complaint of nutrient terms rises successful much than 4 decades, leaving galore households struggling with the outgo of living.

Last month, Mr Roberts told the BBC that the supermarket concatenation was not profiting from precocious nutrient prices.

Retailers person been accused of "greedflation" but Mr Roberts said Sainsbury's had "absolutely not" enactment prices up to bolster profits.

The main enforcement was awarded a bonus contempt pre-tax profits falling to £327m successful the twelvemonth to 5 March from £854m successful the comparable period.

Sainsbury's said that Mr Roberts had received a 3.5% summation successful his basal wage to £899,000.

It said this was beneath the minimum 5.3% summation for the company's hourly-paid workers. The mean Sainsbury's worker earns astir £22,000.

It total, Mr Roberts was paid £4.9m compared to £3.5m successful the erstwhile year.

Sainsbury's said it spent £560m trying to clasp backmost prices for shoppers.

But Sharon Graham, wide caput astatine the Unite national said: "The supermarkets person been protesting, claiming they're not profiteering and contributing to the outgo of surviving crisis. Meanwhile radical are paying the terms astatine the tills.

"Simon Roberts' bonanza bonus tells a precise antithetic story."

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has voiced his interest implicit "worryingly high" nutrient ostentation and has met with nutrient retailers to sermon ways of reining successful prices.

Retailers person said that shoppers would commencement to spot a quality astatine the tills arsenic planetary prices specified arsenic vigor began to fall.

But figures from the Office for National Statistics amusement nutrient ostentation successful April was stuck astatine 19.3%, remaining adjacent the grounds precocious of 19.6% successful the erstwhile month.

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