Samsung locks in standardization for 5G satellite network modems

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5g signals reaching satellites successful  spaceImage: greenbutterfly/Adobe Stock

Samsung Electronics announced connected February 23 that it has demonstrated satellite-based standardized 5G non-terrestrial networks modem technology for the archetypal time. This means the Exynos Modem 5300 notation level tin nonstop signals straight from satellites to mobile phones astatine 5G speeds, perchance opening up faster connection successful agrarian areas and providing a stepping chromatic for Samsung’s 6G ambitions. However, the institution has not yet rolled it retired oregon announced whether the diagnostic volition beryllium disposable connected its phones.

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Non-terrestrial networks for emergencies oregon agrarian connectivity

The superior imaginable usage lawsuit is to amended compartment sum successful areas wherever terrain oregon region marque it hard for compartment operation signals to reach. This mightiness let much accordant entree for agrarian customers, for example.

Samsung projected that non-terrestrial networks could besides amended operability successful catastrophe areas. The company’s objection showed the projected capableness volition beryllium capable to grip high-definition video and representation arsenic good arsenic two-way messaging, putting it a measurement up of competitors specified arsenic Apple. Theoretically, satellite-based 5G could powerfulness aboriginal municipality aerial mobility specified arsenic drones and flying cars, if they were to cookware out.

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Test performed connected Exynos platform

The 5G transportation was simulated connected Samsung’s Exynos Modem 5300 notation platform, paving the mode for the company’s plans to rotation retired this capableness crossed the Exynos modem line. The objection showed Samsung’s solution tin successfully negociate immoderate problems that would different originate with outer connections, the institution said.

In particular, Samsung demonstrated accurately predicting outer locations and minimizing frequence offsets caused by the Doppler shift. Samsung has not yet announced which outer relation volition tally the transportation connected the abstraction side.

The non-terrestrial networks task uses 5G standards according to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP Release 17), providing future-looking interoperability with different participating telecom carriers, mobile instrumentality makers and spot companies.

Looking guardant to 6G and narrowband IoT

Samsung positions this improvement arsenic a look guardant to some 6G and aboriginal Internet of Things usage cases. In the future, Samsung plans to unafraid a standardized narrowband IoT non-terrestrial networks exertion for usage successful its next-generation modem platforms; this volition alteration mobile instrumentality makers to usage narrowband IoT solutions alternatively of a abstracted high-power wireless antenna spot wrong smartphones.

“Samsung aims to instrumentality the pb successful advancing hybrid terrestrial-NTN communications ecosystems astir the satellite successful mentation for the accomplishment of 6G,” said Min Goo Kim, enforcement vice president of connection processor improvement astatine Samsung.

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Cell providers reaching into space

Other companies presumption outer work arsenic an alternate to over-burdened cellular networks.

In August 2022, T-Mobile announced a program to usage SpaceX’s Starlink outer constellations to widen sum successful the United States. T-Mobile projected it arsenic a cellular solution for precise distant areas specified arsenic nationalist parks, sparsely populated areas specified arsenic deserts oregon implicit the ocean. AT&T signed an statement with OneWeb successful 2021 to supply outer connections for much wide disposable high-speed signals.

In November 2022, Apple announced outer work for the iPhone 14 enactment for exigency calling. This enables substance messaging straight to exigency services oregon dropping a pin connected the Find My app.

In January 2023, Qualcomm announced Snapdragon Satellite for phones moving Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, which includes the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones. Qualcomm partnered with outer relation Iridium for services successful orbit. GPS-enabled exertion institution Garmin is besides progressive successful the deal.

In different telecommunications news, Microsoft expanded abstraction connectivity successful a preview for authorities customers successful September 2022, IBM is moving connected satellite-based hybrid clouds services and the IoT Tech Expo successful December 2022 showcased a wide array of satellite usage cases.

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