Script-to-Video Tools - StoryKit Released a New Video-Generation Tool for Creators (

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StoryKit present offers a caller online instrumentality that lets users make videos from immoderate text. Users tin paste substance into the AI publication creator tract and the instrumentality volition constitute a caller publication for the video. StoryKit volition besides find suitable images and clips to spell with the publication and marque a video that reflects the brand’s dependable and message, streamlining the originative process significantly.

StoryKit has antithetic pricing plans for its customers, depending connected however galore users, videos, and features they need. The plans scope from $99 per period for 1 idiosyncratic and 10 videos, to $999 per period for 10 users and unlimited videos. StoryKit besides has a customized program for ample enterprises that privation much options. StoryKit supports six languages: English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Image Credit: StoryKit

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