Self-Activated Serum Sets - Exponent's Discovery Set Features Precision-Dosed Clinical Serums (

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With its clinical-grade, self-activated serums, Exponent Beauty speaks to savvy quality consumers who are well-informed and educated astir skincare efficacy, peculiarly successful presumption of merchandise formulations, constituent stableness and packaging integrity. These knowledgeable skincare consumers recognize the value of selecting products that not lone present disposable results but besides prioritize optimal constituent combinations and precocious formulations.

For those discerning skincare shoppers who person yet to go Exponent customers, the trailblazing quality marque introduced a find set. These precision-dosed objective serums boost the brightness of tegument with potent Vitamin C, heighten firmness with CoQ10 and assistance to reverse disposable signs of aging with retinol. All of these effectual serums are activated by the brand's Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator.

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