Set Up Your Phone to Keep You Focused During Workouts

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There’s a stereotype of the phone-obsessed gym rat hogging instrumentality portion they “just beryllium determination and scroll connected their phone.” Excuse me, I americium logging my sets and trimming my grooming videos and, um, scrolling Reddit, and yea I benignant of got sucked into TikTok somehow? And there’s a enactment email, crap, it could hold until aft but I’m truly funny what it says. Just a sec portion I unfastened it...

Yeah, I’m not the lone 1 who tin get a spot distracted during a grooming session. I cognize you’re doing it too. So I emotion this tip from powerlifting manager Claire Zai astir mounting a “focus” connected your telephone for erstwhile you’re moving out.

iPhones person a “fitness” mounting arsenic 1 of the options you get erstwhile you’re creating a caller absorption mode. This includes a trigger wherever it volition crook connected erstwhile you commencement a workout, but you tin besides alteration it from the absorption paper successful Control Center anytime you like. We person much connected how to alteration absorption modes successful iOS here, and Androids person a akin feature.

With a absorption mode, you can:

  • Only person definite apps connected your location surface (you’ll take ones that are fitness-related, of course)
  • Silence notifications from enactment oregon societal apps (you’ll get those notifications erstwhile you exit the focus)
  • Set up a wallpaper with thing adjuvant oregon inspirational, similar a database of your goals oregon a motivational quote
  • Add widgets that you’ll find utile during your workout

So I acceptable 1 up. On my fittingness location screen, which you tin spot above, I person apps that I usage to coordinate workouts, similar Intervals Pro (a timer) and Polar Beat (which tracks bosom complaint via a thorax strap connected the occasions I privation to bash that). I besides person euphony and podcast apps truthful I’ll person thing to perceive to, and Mideo to easy instrumentality videos adjacent portion euphony is playing. I chose a photograph of weights for my wallpaper to punctual myself that I’m successful fittingness mode.

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Screenshot: Beth Skwarecki

Here’s different version, a spot much inspirational. I person a database of goals connected the screen of my grooming journal; the fastener surface present has a integer version. On the location screen, supra the apps, I person a widget from the Countdown app telling maine however galore days until my adjacent large competition.

You tin trigger the fittingness mode to crook connected anytime you commencement a workout, oregon astatine a definite clip oregon location—say, erstwhile you get astatine the gym. Or you tin conscionable commencement it from Control Center (swipe down from the apical close country of your phone) and archer your telephone to support it connected for 1 hour, for arsenic agelong arsenic you’re astatine your existent location, oregon until you crook it off. And present you person everything you request to get your workout done, without the distractions.

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