Shock Wave Sexual Aids - Alma Launches Revolutionary Sexual Wellness Product: Alma Duo (

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Alma, a apical planetary supplier of energy-based aesculapian and aesthetics solutions, has launched its precocious intersexual wellness merchandise called Alma Duo. The level uses electrohydraulic powerfulness and shockwave technology, which stimulates humor travel to the intersexual organs, restoring earthy relation and addressing the effects of impaired vascular function. The non-invasive and pain-free solution is registered and listed with the FDA and CE arsenic a Class I and IIb aesculapian instrumentality respectively.

The Alma Duo merchandise enables aesculapian practitioners to connection patients an effectual solution to intersexual wellness issues. According to Lior Dayan, CEO of Sisram Medical and Alma, 300 cardinal men globally are dealing with erectile dysfunction, portion 60% of women study dissatisfaction with their enactment life. Alma's cutting-edge exertion empowers the institution successful processing innovative solutions that code the needs of patients, heighten their prime of life, and amended their wellbeing.

With Alma Duo, aesculapian practitioners tin initiate conversations with patients astir intersexual wellness and supply life-changing solutions without needles, pills, oregon surgery. Alma, arsenic a subsidiary of Sisram Medical, is starring the mode successful the improvement of innovative technologies that connection existent and effectual solutions.

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