Ski Italia

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Everybody loves skis holidays Italian benignant – sunny slopes, affable faces, espressos and pizza arsenic good arsenic perfectly prepared pistes. It’s clip to skis la dolce vita! 

Ski Italia

One of the world’s large skiing nations, we’ve been enjoying the slopes of Italy for good implicit a period now, and they supply a precise antithetic acquisition to the skis centres of the Northern Alps. Firstly there’s the worth origin – overmuch much affordable assistance passes, eating and après-ski than successful the different ‘Big Four’ European skis nations. Then there’s the sunshine for which the state is famous, alongside spectacular scenery – beryllium it implicit successful the mighty occidental Alps by Mont Blanc oregon implicit successful UNESCO World Heritage Site The Dolomites to the east. Italian benignant is omnipresent wherever successful the state you take to ski, specified is the Italian emotion of the bully things successful beingness – the champion food, beryllium it pizza, pasta oregon thing else, fabulous java and overmuch much besides. They telephone it ‘La Dolce Vita’ oregon ‘the saccharine life’. What amended mode to ski?   

Val Gardena – Ski Italy

Ski Italia

The beauteous skis destination of Val Gardena is 1 of Italy’s best-known and most-loved skis resorts.

Located successful the northbound of the stunning Dolomite mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the section assemblage brings unneurotic Ladin, Austrian and Italian power for a precise affluent taste practice which  you’ll payment from successful galore ways erstwhile you visit, but peculiarly erstwhile you travel to sensation the fabulous section cuisine. 

Ski Italia

© Diego Moroder

The extended skis area, with everything from peaceful and perfectly laid-out beginner terrain to breathtaking World Cup Downhill descents, is portion of an adjacent bigger web of interlinked pistes. That immense skis country connecting 500km of runs radiating astir the celebrated Sellaronda circuit is 1 of the world’s 3 largest.

But feeling similar you tin skis everlastingly doesn’t conscionable travel from those awesome stats; it’s much of a authorities of caput that being successful this stunning determination gives you and owning a Dolomiti Superski pass facilitates!

Going backmost from the feelings to the facts though, Val Gardena is simply a astir 20 km-long vale that’s location to 3 main villages – Ortisei (1,236m), S. Cristina (1,428m) and Selva Val Gardena (1,563m), which is really the highest colony successful the Dolomites. It’s besides precise casual to scope from Verona oregon Innsbruck airports.

On The Slopes

Val Gardena has a large enactment of slopes including the “Legendary 8”, which includes the Saslong, Cir, Ciampinoi, Bravo, Falk, Gardenissima, La Pilat and the aptly named “La Longia” … arsenic it’s the longest slope successful South Tyrol astatine 10.5km. You tin besides caput disconnected astir the celebrated Sellaronda circuit of astir 40km of lifts and runs from Val Gardena, a travel that takes astir 5 fours and offers  incredible panoramic vistas of Sassolungo, the Sella Massif and the Marmolada Glacier.

Not Just Great Skiing

Val Gardena has been a celebrated skis edifice for galore decades now, and the visitors from each implicit the satellite person helped it turn successful different areas too. The Valley is present besides known arsenic the cradle of South Tyrolean art, for example, with implicit 200 artists based present and filling the section shops and businesses with their beauteous creations.  

Ski Italia

© Lukas Runggaldier

There’s fabulous nutrient to beryllium enjoyed everywhere, from homely upland huts to Michelin-starred restaurants. The après-ski country is vibrant, helped connected its mode by a section gin “8025” from Refugio Sofie.

You tin besides sojourn the Museum Gherdëina for insights into the valleys’ evolution, stepping backmost successful clip connected a travel starting millions of years ago, delving into geology, palaeontology, flora and fauna and archaeology arsenic good arsenic the past of art. An ichthyosaurus fossil, portion reptile, portion fish, recovered successful the Seceda mountains supra Val Gardena is besides here. 

The galore different attractions see a caller 1,500m-long zip line, Monte Pana, on which you whizz 100m supra the ground.

Ski Italia


Overall, for the lukewarm Italian welcome, for the astonishing skiing connected snow-sure slopes and for the unthinkable Italian food, it’s intolerable to bushed Val Gardena.

Courmayeur Mont Blanc – Ski Italy

Ski Italia

Courmayeur Mont Blanc, situated connected the Italian broadside of Mont Blanc, is simply a accepted yet blase edifice surrounded by spectacular scenery and afloat of past and charm.

Located successful the bosom of the Italian Alps and celebrated for its freeriding terrain, portion besides offering tons of groomed terrain for each level of skier oregon snowboarder, this classical skis municipality is renowned for its lukewarm Italian invited and fabulous wintertime sports scene.

Ski Italia

© lorenzo belfrond

There’s truthful overmuch to bash and spot some connected and disconnected the slopes, and the edifice is perfect for families and friends arsenic good arsenic some skiers and non-skiers who are looking to walk clip extracurricular successful the caller upland air.

While the UK is often a damp and gloomy spot to beryllium done the winter, Courmayeur Mont Blanc  December done to each the gloomier months successful the UK makes the renowned skis edifice a vibrantly tempting destination filled with fresh-powered slopes, unspoilt trails, and peaceful views from the highest of peaks. Ideal for immoderate upland enthusiast, Courmayeur offers superb heliskiing, off-piste and cross-country skiing, arsenic good arsenic joyousness skating, abdominous biking, hiking, snowshoeing, climbing, cycling and overmuch more.

Ski Italia

© Lorenzo Belfrond

Peak of Taste

Besides its unthinkable skiing, Courmayeur Mont Blanc has built a estimation arsenic a fantastic destination for foodies, with fabulous restaurants connected the skis slopes and successful the resort, arsenic good arsenic peculiar culinary events.  

The cablegram car to the slopes keeps moving until midnight, providing the accidental to dine connected the upland for an astonishing culinary experience.

This coming winter, the luxury household edifice is welcoming the instrumentality of their renowned culinary events for the archetypal clip since earlier the pandemic.

Courmayeur Mont Blanc is hosting its delicious culinary month, Peak of Taste, for a 2nd bid successful March 2023. 

The period incorporates a singular 10 culinary events which volition instrumentality spot crossed the gastronomic resort. Resort guests are invited to conscionable and devour connected the slopes, with sumptuous meals created by immoderate of the region’s astir exceptional chefs. 

Planned events see Michelin Star curated eating experiences astatine Super G, the astir breathtaking après-ski venue successful the Italian Alps. Other participating venues connected the upland see La Chaumière, a accepted and cosy bistro, and the Rifugio Monte Bianco, tally by Alex Campedelli, the president of the section alpine guides which offers a good eating acquisition arsenic good arsenic Les Dames Anglaises.

Ski Italia

© Lorenzo Belfrond

There volition besides beryllium an aperitif tasting astatine the highest lift-accessed highest successful Europe – the Punta Helbronner Station successful Skyway – followed by a descent of 2,173m to the Pavilion successful the vale beneath for meal successful the mountains. 

Ski Italia

© Lorenzo Belfrond

Wine tastings and pairings volition besides instrumentality spot passim the Peak of Taste festival astatine recently re-opened restaurants each astir Courmayeur Mont Blanc including Le Cadran Solaire, L’Auberge de la Maison, La Sapinière and 4810 (which combines a bar, bakery, skis rentals and edifice from the historical and celebrated 4810 institution tally by the Grivel household for many, galore years). 

Fresh and section ingredients are ever astatine the bosom of the culinary extravaganza successful the mountains.

Perfect Pila – Ski Italy

Ski Italia

Pila has a precise unsocial connection successful the satellite of skiing. Besides having slopes close up to 2,700m, portion of the crushed wherefore the snowfall screen present is truthful good; and spectacular views retired crossed the French, Italian and Swiss Alps reaching Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, it besides has the enactment of a gondola thrust from the skis edifice basal down to the vale municipality of Aosta. 

Ski Italia

Aosta is not conscionable immoderate municipality either, it’s affluent successful Roman  remains, truthful arsenic good arsenic taking the 20-minute thrust down to possibly bash immoderate buying oregon bask a meal, determination are Roman buildings to explore, if you fancy thing truly antithetic connected your skis holiday.

But backmost to the skis edifice itself and the slopes. Staying connected the upland you’ll find a large value, snowfall sure, household affable edifice wherever 90% of the  accommodation offers doorstep skiing connected quiescent sheltered pistes, mostly supra 2000m, making it 1 of the astir snowfall definite destinations successful the Alps and with enactment taking views.  Even without the added Aosta option, it is beauteous special.

There are 75km of perfectly prepared pistes, served by 10 chairlifts, the gondola and a cablegram car arsenic good arsenic 5 conveyor lifts, determination are nary resistance lifts. Beginners person half-a-dozen casual bluish runs to hone their skills on, past intermediates person a large prime of 27 reddish pistes to explore. For adept skiers determination are 4 achromatic runs but plentifulness of disconnected piste to beryllium recovered with a guide. An Aosta Valley determination assistance walk gives the enactment to research neighbouring skis areas excessively and for the well-heeled there’s adjacent the anticipation of heli-skiing. Freestyle skis and snowboard fans van bask Pila’s AreaEffe Snowpark which has been expanded for the 22-23 season.

Ski Italia

There’s a bully substance of tree-lined and supra histrion enactment terrain astatine Pila, and on with its fantabulous earthy snowfall grounds the skis country has much than 500 snowfall cannons to initially physique up bases and apical up erstwhile needed.

To marque your Pila skis holiday other special, too that enactment of the gondola down to the Roman City of Aosta, determination are small extras organised successful Pila that you tin adhd to your days connected the slope. Popular options see meal successful a upland restaurant, accessed utilizing a snowcat over-snow piste machine, oregon there’s the magical torch airy descent by ski, the accidental to spell snowfall shoeing astatine nighttime oregon a amusive vino tasting astatine the Yeti with Sommelier Katia Albanese.

Pila is affable and welcoming and though it is quiescent successful the week and feels similar your ain backstage skis area, it tin get busier astatine weekends erstwhile the Italians get en masse and there’s a amazingly lively apres skis scene. There are large worth bars and restaurants connected the slopes and successful the basal village. You’ll find a wide assortment of fantabulous nutrient connected connection to fulfill immoderate sensation successful the restaurants connected and disconnected the slopes, from good eating astatine Society connected the Nouva Piste to Pub nutrient astatine the Boulin Rouge.

Ski Italia

Pila is simply a abbreviated transportation from Turin airdrome and the Aosta Valley is Italy’s smallest province, successful the northwest country of the country, making it 1 of the closest and easiest areas of Ital to scope by obstruction oregon roadworthy from the UK too.

The New Gondola

The squad astatine Pila are hard astatine enactment connected a caller gondola which volition person 3 driblet disconnected points connected its mode up to Cima Couis 1 astatine the apical of the skis country astatine 2700m and is owed to unfastened for the 2023-24 season.

The caller assistance is designed to  make the upland accessible to anyone wishing to respect 1 of the astir unthinkable views of the Alps, whisking skiers to the apical of the ‘Platta’ Piste No 27 successful nary clip .

Pilaski Ltd

Pilaski are the Pila experts, tally by BASI qualified skis teacher and contention manager Carole who has specialised cognition of Pila, and takes skis guiding groups retired astir each greeting to assistance research the slopes and assistance her guests marque the astir of their holidays. Carole is portion of the Pila Tourist Board and fluent successful Italian with 80% of her clients returning each season.

Ski Italia

Pilaski offers holidays to all, from individuals, families to groups of immoderate size. As good arsenic bundle skis holidays, Pilaski has created an affordable tailor-made vacation experience, wherever clients are looked after, from commencement to finish, simply get successful interaction with your needs/requirements and they volition bash the rest.

The institution besides works with the Caring Cancer Trust, Special Olympics and Impulse Racing and galore more. 

“With Pilaski you volition get a personalized experience. I skis and walk clip with my clients, not conscionable astatine the extremity of a phone. No telephone centres, nary speaking to idiosyncratic that does not cognize the resort, nary hard merchantability and if by immoderate accidental I don’t cognize the answer, I volition find out!” says Carole.

Main Image © Giacomo Buzio

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