Solana’s co-founder sees potential for its blockchain to be the ‘Apple of crypto’

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As immoderate crypto companies summation mainstream adoption done partnerships, alliances oregon deals with large marque names, others are operating by the bushed of their ain drum and not worrying astir whether a large statement is with them.

Solana, a layer-1 blockchain that launched successful 2020, is 1 of the biggest chains that developers are gathering on. Excluding stablecoins, Solana is the eighth largest cryptocurrency by marketplace capitalization astatine astir $7.6 billion, according to CoinMarketCap data.

“Solana has the imaginable to beryllium the Apple of crypto,” co-founder Raj Gokal told TechCrunch+. For galore years, Apple focused connected 2 things: idiosyncratic acquisition and performance, helium said. “I deliberation astir Apple, having worked for adjacent to a decennary connected latency for touchscreens to let for the iPhone to travel retired and it conscionable felt similar magic.”

“There were a batch of things to beryllium built connected apical of that level to get the iPhone and App Store and app ecosystem to wherever it is today,” Gokal added. “But it each started with 1 relentless absorption connected a elemental enactment that had to enactment perfectly.”

And that’s a absorption that Solana’s halfway engineering and ecosystem has, helium said. It’s important to make a web “that feels similar the regular internet, erstwhile it’s an wholly caller fiscal internet.”

It’s besides worthy mentioning that Solana whitethorn beryllium trying to vie with Apple done its ain web3-focused Android smartphone, Saga, which was rolled retired to the nationalist successful April (I got to trial 1 out). Solana says Saga was launched to marque crypto products and services much accessible for users by offering them done a telephone alternatively of the accepted mode of accessing crypto platforms and applications: utilizing computers.

There’s tons that the web is doing to support itself caller and competitive. “The halfway thesis is going to beryllium [focused on] caller businesses, caller projects, autarkic developers,” Gokal said. “We are inactive successful an ecosystem and a assemblage that is optimistic astir what 2 developers successful a store tin do.”

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