South Korean court issues warrant for man who opened Asiana plane door mid-air

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A South Korean tribunal issued an apprehension warrant connected Sunday for a rider who opened an Asiana Airlines (020560.KS) level doorway minutes earlier it landed successful Daegu, South Korea, Yonhap News Agency reported.

The man, successful his thirties, was detained connected landing connected Friday aft opening the doorway erstwhile the A321-200 level was astir 700 feet (213 metres) supra the ground, causing panic onboard.

A rider connected an Asiana Airlines formation successful South Korea opened the doorway of the level during the flight, claiming that helium was overwhelmed. The rider was arrested…

— Tansu YEĞEN (@TansuYegen) May 26, 2023

The Daegu District Court issued the warrant for him connected charges of violating the Aviation Security Act, saying determination was a hazard helium whitethorn effort to fly earlier trial. The warrant allows constabulary to support him successful custody longer.

He was not charged astatine the hearing.

Officials gave the man's surname arsenic Lee but not his afloat name, arsenic is accustomed custom.

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Lee said helium opened the doorway due to the fact that helium wanted to get disconnected the level quickly.

"I consciousness truly atrocious for the kids," helium told reporters arsenic helium was escorted to the Daegu tribunal for a proceeding connected Sunday, seemingly referring to students who were connected committee and taken to infirmary with breathing issues.

They were each discharged aft astir 2 hours, a occurrence section authoritative said.

Asiana stopped income of the seats closest to the exit connected the A321-200 airbus exemplary starting connected Sunday, Yonhap said.

Asiana could not beryllium instantly reached for remark extracurricular concern hours.

A South Korean Transport Ministry authoritative said connected Friday that it was imaginable to unfastened exigency exits astatine oregon adjacent crushed level due to the fact that the unit wrong and extracurricular the compartment is similar.

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