Spicy Canned Cocktails - KickStand Cocktails Offers Mild, Medium and Hot Varieties (TrendHunter.com)

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KickStand Cocktails is introducing itself to the satellite with an industry-first portfolio of spicy canned cocktails that are disposable nonstop to consumers via Speakeasy. KickStand Cocktails' vodka-based spicy canned cocktails are disposable successful mild, mean and blistery varieties, and they pat into adults' ongoing fascination with fiery flavors that delight oregon situation the senses.

With a unsocial operation of fruits and peppers, the marque offers a genuinely unsocial acquisition for drinkers who privation thing different than saccharine flavors. The spicy canned cocktails that are acceptable to sip see Roasted Jalapeño Cucumber, Charred Pineapple Poblano, Smashed Raspberry Serrano and Torched Peach Chipotle, the hottest of the bunch. All of these products athletics acheronian packaging, 5.5% ABV and nary added sugar.

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