Spicy Jalapeño-Stuffed Wraps - The New Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap Has Arrived at Jimmy John’s (TrendHunter.com)

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Jimmy John’s has conscionable unveiled its caller Summer Wraps lineup, which includes the brand-new Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap.

Perfect for the lukewarm summertime days ahead, Jimmy John's 2023 Summer Wraps lineup includes the returning Chicken Caesar Wrap and Thai Chicken Wrap, arsenic good arsenic the caller Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap. The Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap boasts a spicy operation of all-natural chicken, jalapeño ranch sauce, provolone cheese, crispy jalapeños, and fiery reddish capsicum flakes, each wrapped up successful a flour wrap. On the different hand, the Chicken Caesar Wrap combines all-natural chickenhearted with parmesan, mini croutons, and Caesar dressing successful a ail and herb wrap. Lastly, the Thai Chicken Wrap combines all-natural chickenhearted with a affluent Thai satay sauce, and crispy carrot noodles, successful a flour wrap.

All 3 of the Summer Wraps are disposable present for a constricted time.

Image Credit: Jimmy John’s

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