Spy Shooters Catch Lamborghini Revuelto On The Nurburgring

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Photo: Lamborghini

When Lamborghini announced the Revuelto earlier this year, destined to regenerate the vaunted Aventador arsenic the apex predator from the House of the Raging Bull, reviews were mixed. Would the hybrid strategy beryllium revolutionary oregon overhyped? Was the styling a cleanable leap guardant for Lamborghini, oregon did it look a spot excessively McLaren?

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Those questions are inactive yet to beryllium answered, but we tin present firmly reply 1 large one: Will the V12 inactive dependable fantastic? Dear reader, I’m blessed to study that the reply is simply a resounding yes.

Spy shooters astatine the Nurburgring spotted this agleam bluish Revuelto retired connected a trial thigh and captured a fewer minutes of the supercar screaming done the German countryside. We whitethorn not person immoderate benignant of authoritative thigh times oregon data, but we bash person that beauteous V12 sound.

The video besides features immoderate shots of the Revuelto driving astir town, but nary look to beryllium utilizing the car’s all-electric thrust mode — there’s ever an exhaust tone, not the quiescent whistle of axenic electrification. Whether that means thing for the mode is inactive a question. It’s imaginable Lamborghini simply wasn’t investigating this peculiar car arsenic an EV and didn’t request to prosecute that mode connected this peculiar trial day.

The video besides gives america an absorbing presumption of the Revuelto’s progressive aero package, specifically that oddly-shaped rear wing. It features 2 raised sections successful the mediate that wrapper astir the exhaust pipes erstwhile lowered, which would look counterintuitive to the full “directing air” thing. I’m definite Lambo engineers person thought this done amended than I have, but it’s inactive an absorbing diagnostic to spot.

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