Stephen Colbert Spots Surest Sign Yet That George Santos Is Toast

4 months ago 36

Stephen Colbert had an mentation for a caller study that finds embattled Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) claimed to person loaned $705,000 to his 2020 campaign contempt records that indicated helium had conscionable $55,000 to his name.

“Fair enough,” Colbert said. “But what astir each of his different names?”

Santos, an accused serial liar, reportedly utilized astatine slightest 2 different aliases successful caller years, arsenic Colbert noted.

“He has truthful galore aliases helium had to curse connected 2 Bibles and a Torah,” Colbert cracked.

Santos ― who has dismissed the lies arsenic conscionable “stupid things” he’s done ― is facing increasing calls from wrong his ain enactment to resign, but insists he’s won’t measurement down.

“Which means he’s gonna resign,” Colbert predicted.

See much successful his Wednesday nighttime monologue:

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