Stranger Things Meets A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 for a Remake of Witchboard

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While there’s nary improving connected 1986's Witchboard—“the cleanable operation of melodrama, 1980s hair, and evil spirits,” arsenic immoderate io9 weirdo who watches excessively galore cult fearfulness movies erstwhile wrote—a remake with intriguing genre endowment down it is thing to get excited about.

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Deadline broke the quality that that manager Chuck Russell (whose credits see The Mask, Eraser, The Scorpion King, and classic slasher sequel A Nightmare connected Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) has snagged Jamie Campbell Bower (Vecna connected Stranger Things) to prima successful a caller instrumentality connected Witchboard. It’s written by Russell and Greg McKay, and it has a amazingly elaborate statement already:

“Emily, her fiancé Christian and a radical of their friends unfastened an integrated café, refurbishing an aged carriage location successful New Orleans’ French Quarter. But a acheronian descends implicit Emily erstwhile she discovers an past pendulum board, erstwhile utilized to summon spirits. Christian seeks assistance for Emily from occult adept Alexander Babtiste, but Babtiste has secrets of his own, knowing the fateful bloodlines that binds them each to the Witchboard. A modern coven of White Witches, a masked shot astatine Babtiste’s mansion, and the bequest of Naga Soth, the Queen of Witches, are each portion of a unsafe crippled that puts Emily’s precise psyche astatine risk.”

If you’re acquainted with the archetypal movie—and if you’re not, seriously, wherefore are you depriving yourself of specified supernatural silliness?—you’ll cognize that’s an astir wholly caller story, but for the full “wait, you mean ouija boards tin accidentally awaken evil?” plot-starter, which sparked not conscionable the archetypal movie but its lesser-seen sequels. The different elements scope from weirdly circumstantial (the integrated café!) to overly acquainted (New Orleans arsenic shorthand for “spooky setting”), but there’s besides a mansion-dwelling occult adept who hosts masked balls and a Queen of Witches poking around, truthful that sounds similar possibly immoderate of that ‘80s food could transportation over. The commercialized reports Witchboard begins filming adjacent month, truthful we’ll nary uncertainty beryllium learning much soon.

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