Strawberry Lemonade-Inspired Pies - Polly’s Pies Has a New Strawberry Lemonade Pie for Spring (

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Nothing says outpouring similar a freshly baked pie, which is wherefore Polly’s Pies is introducing a brand-new Strawberry Lemonade Pie for the warmer days ahead.

Available present done Mother’s Day connected May 14, 2023, the fashionable bakery marque volition beryllium rolling retired respective caller offerings, including the delicious caller Strawberry Lemonade Pie. This saccharine dainty consists of a flaky pastry crust filled with a pick food basal and citrus filling. The full happening is past topped with caller glazed strawberries, a ringing of whipped cream, and a citrus portion garnish. The effect is the cleanable blend of tart, sweet, and fruity flavors.

In summation to the caller pie, Polly’s Pies is besides introducing a caller takeout-only Spring Brunch Bundle and the caller takeout-only Breakfast Bundle.

Image Credit: Polly’s Pies

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