Subaru BRZ Track Day, K20 Powered Toyota MR2, A Supercharged Town Car: The Best Automotive Videos On YouTube This Week

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 The Best Automotive Videos On YouTube This Week

Screenshot: ThatDudeinBlue YouTube

The champion automotive videos connected YouTube this week see immoderate astonishing motor swaps. There’s a sleeper of a Lincoln Town car that’ll marque you you privation to spell and find a inexpensive 1 for sale. In Southern California, there’s a car conscionable with a fewer participants embarrassing themselves for trying excessively hard. And there’s adjacent a tribute physique to 1 of the astir winningest NASCAR drivers of each time.

Check retired those large things and much connected the champion automotive videos connected YouTube this week.

Harry Metcalfe of Harry’s Garage owns a Lamborghini Countach QV thats been connected a spot of a rollercoaster thrust implicit the past year. Being arsenic aged arsenic it is it was successful request of a small TLC. And erstwhile I accidental TLC, I mean it needed things similar a transmission rebuild. So Harry sent it to Ian Tyrrell’s Classic Cars for a restoration. After 15 months, Harry tin yet get down the wheel.

Fahre Films is an avid drifter, utilizing his BMW 3 Series connected the track. But helium has a spot of a problem: the 3 Series helium uses is an E36 Compact, and according to him it lone has astir 100 horsepower. Not capable for overmuch drifting fun. So helium acceptable retired to bargain a caller drifting car and helium recovered 1 successful an E36 sedan. But seemingly it has thing peculiar nether the hood. You’ll person to ticker to find retired more.

Drew Peacock has this HILARIOUS video of him and his woman — who seems to hatred thing dealing with cars successful wide and made a weird remark astir Andrew Tate that astir made maine crook disconnected the video — going to a section car conscionable successful Southern California. It’s honestly bittersweet and startling reminder of conscionable however atrocious these meets person gotten. He roasts each car there. and rightfully so. Most of them are banal oregon person mods that are evidently from Amazon oregon AutoZone. From a Dodge Challenger SXT masquerading arsenic a Hellcat to a spray tin painted 5th procreation Chevy Camaro RS, it’s each terrible.

Vice Grip Garage does conveyance giveaways for views. This latest giveaway is thing alternatively unique. It’s a 1981 Buick Regal that’s been modified and turned into a Darrell Waltrip tribute build. While it looks the portion — from the NASCAR labeled wheels to the hood pins, play close decals and broadside exit exhaust — it’s seemingly thoroughfare legal. While immoderate details connected it aren’t wholly perfect, it does person 2 chill features.

The erstwhile proprietor managed to get Darrell Waltrip to motion the dashboard truthful that’s real. And nether the hood resides a large sounding tiny artifact V8 that looks good maintained.

AutoTopNL got his hands connected a gem of a Toyota MR2. While this whitethorn look similar immoderate different 2nd procreation MR2, it’s not. Under its rear motor sheet hides a beast of an engine: a 650 hp turbocharged Honda K20 engine.

Sit backmost and bask 40 minutes of axenic JDM car sounds from Automotive Anatomy. Make definite to support an oculus retired for immoderate gems pulling in, too.

ThatDudeinBlue details what is astir apt 1 of the coolest Lincoln Town Cars you’ll see. Someone built the eventual sleeper successful this 400-hp luxoboat. A t-56 manual swap, a cam and a Vortex supercharger crook this Town Car into thing that volition embarrass you successful a stoplight race.

Kevin Talbot makes large RC racing content. That continues this week with the unboxing and tinkering of a Porsche GT3 RC contention car. The RC car is really being utilized successful a contention against different car, the stipulation being that some cars are fundamentally the aforesaid builds underneath, with everything from the powerfulness to the tires matching. They conscionable person antithetic bodies sitting atop the platforms.

Zygrene had a hellhole of an acquisition erstwhile helium got to aviator his 2022 Subaru BRZ astir Sonoma raceway. He notes that it’s his 10th way time successful the car. But aft a fewer laps, his eventual extremity is successful sight: get a clip of 1:54.8.

Did you cognize the Chrysler Town & Country wasn’t ever a minivan? Back erstwhile Americans weren’t obsessed with sitting up higher for a “commanding presumption of the road,” radical bought wagons. And from 1941 done 1988, the Town & Country was a wood-paneled wagon Americans loved.

It was astatine its biggest successful the 1970s. Like the illustration that had been sitting since 1991 Budget Buildz recovered successful a field, they were massive. This 1 was powered by a 440 cubic inch V8. Watch to find retired however large this happening looks restored.

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