Summer Chalet Rentals Up 49%

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A chalet rental specializer which people does astir of its concern successful the wintertime period has reported that it’s summertime concern has besides grown done the pandemic and is present up by astir fractional connected its summertime 2018 level.

“The Alps are nary longer conscionable for wintertime holidays. Almost each alpine colony offers an unthinkable scope of summertime activities, from hiking and cycling to chaotic swimming and paddle boarding,” said Louis Andrews, Director of OVO Network which offers much than 150 high-end chalets crossed the French and Swiss Alps – including the Aravis, Espace Diamant, Evasion Mont Blanc, Grand Massif, Chamonix Mont Blanc and for the archetypal clip this summer, successful the Valais, Switzerland.

“Between 2018 and 2022 our summertime concern has grown by 49%, arsenic holidaymakers look to flight the metropolis and engaged formation resorts and effort determination a small different. Here they get a upland flight wherever they tin wholly ‘switch off’, beryllium adjacent to quality and effort sports and activities that connection peculiar memories specified arsenic paragliding, canyoning oregon pursuing successful the tracks of the Tour de France,” Mr Andrews added.

Summer Chalet Rentals Up 49%

The institution has selected respective “hidden” chalets that it says typifies what  many of its clients are looking for.

The lists see Chalet Victorina (pictured supra and below), acceptable successful secluded woodland, wherever guests tin bask sleek and ultra modern living. It has six bedrooms, sleeping 12, offering views of the Aravis mountains, allowing unlimited escapade arsenic you measurement extracurricular the beforehand door.

Describing it as, “a luxury chalet that offers large worth for wealth successful a beautiful, secluded location,” OVO Network offers 7 nights self-catering rental from 1990 euros astatine Chalet Victorina from 24th June

Summer Chalet Rentals Up 49%

Or astatine the apical of a hill, betwixt Saint Gervais and Les Contamines, chalet facilities bash not get overmuch amended than astatine the immense Beau Caillou (below), wherever a blistery tub, sauna and summertime excavation await. Up to 14 guests [11 adults] are accommodated crossed 5 bedrooms and bathrooms.

There’s besides superfast Wi-Fi entree making the chalet a large basal to enactment and unbend and determination are besides Cool for Kids facilities including array tennis and children’s games, arsenic good arsenic a cinema country and pétanque court.

Summer Chalet Rentals Up 49%

“Guests tin soak up the lukewarm summertime rays portion enjoying meal connected the prima terrace, earlier discovering the Baroque footpath – a 20km way from Combloux to Les Contamines-Montjoie, passing immoderate of the finest Baroque buildings successful the Alps,” an OVO Network connection enthuses.

OVO Network connection 7 nights self-catering rental astatine Chalet Beau Caillou from 5990 euros from 17th June.

“All of our chalets connection plentifulness of opportunities to unbend and bask precious household time. Our owners pridefulness themselves connected the facilities they supply for their guests – everything from blistery tubs and cinema rooms to swimming pools are connected offer. And for those guests that person to enactment during their holiday, galore of our properties connection dedicated enactment spaces,” Mr Andrews concludes.

(Pictured top: Chalet Happyview from OVO Network)

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