SurePayroll vs. Gusto (2024): Which Payroll Software Is Better?

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Compare SurePayroll and Gusto broadside by broadside to spot which payroll work is the champion enactment for your business. Learn astir their features, pricing and more.

SurePayroll is simply a much affordable small-business payroll software than Gusto, portion Gusto offers much HR tools, reporting and integrations to compensate for the higher cost. To assistance you fig retired if you should prevention wealth with SurePayroll oregon put successful Gusto’s much extended features, we comparison the platforms head-to-head connected each their astir important features.

Starting price$19.99 per period + $4 per worker per month$40 per period + $6 per worker per month
Automatic payrollYesNo
Unlimited payroll runsYesYes
Benefits administrationAdd-ons availableHealth security included, different add-ons available
Additional HR toolsNoYes
Visit SurePayrollVisit Gusto

SurePayroll vs. Gusto: Pricing


SurePayroll offers 2 affordable and transparent pricing plans for tiny businesses:

  • No Tax Filing: $19.99 per period + $4 per worker per month.
  • Full Service: $29.99 per period + $5 per worker per month.

Additional services listed beneath are disposable for a interest — interaction the income squad for a pricing quote:

  • HR management.
  • Health insurance.
  • Low-fee 401(k) options.
  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Worker’s compensation.

Read the full SurePayroll review for much information.


SurePayroll offers 2 transparent pricing plans, positive an endeavor program with a customized pricing structure:

  • Simple: $40 per period + $6 per worker per month.
  • Plus: $80 per period + $12 per worker per month.
  • Premium: Contact the income teams for a customized quote.

Additional services listed beneath are disposable for a interest — interaction the income squad for a pricing quote:

  • Worker’s compensation.
  • HSAs and FSAs.
  • Life and disablement insurance.
  • 401(k) status savings.
  • Commuter benefits.
  • R&D taxation recognition services.

Read the full Gusto review for much information.

SurePayroll vs. Gusto: Feature comparison


SurePayroll comes with unlimited payroll runs arsenic good arsenic the enactment to docket your payroll to tally automatically. It besides comes with a escaped two-day nonstop deposit, though you indispensable conscionable definite criteria to get next-day oregon same-day deposit. You tin acceptable aggregate wage rates and bonuses wrong the payroll software to guarantee that each employee’s wages are accurate. You tin besides make online paystubs for employees to view. Both of SurePayroll’s plans travel with unrecorded payroll assistance successful lawsuit you get stuck and request assistance.

Screenshot of Figure A The SurePayroll interface.[Figure A] The SurePayroll interface. Image: SurePayroll
Gusto besides offers unlimited payroll runs, including unlimited bonus and off-cycle payrolls, arsenic good arsenic an car payroll feature. Gusto besides offers a autochthonal clip tracking feature, which makes it precise casual to travel hourly information straight into payroll to guarantee that each payments are accurate. You tin besides acceptable aggregate wage rates and aggregate wage schedules and tally payroll successful each 50 states if indispensable (though you’ll person to upgrade to the Plus program for multi-state payroll software).

Next-day nonstop deposit is available, though same-day payroll is not. Gusto besides offers a debit paper option, truthful employees tin get their currency much rapidly without having to fuss with outgo checks.

Taxes and compliance

SurePayroll volition automatically cipher your payroll taxes, nary substance which pricing program you opt for. However, if you privation SurePayroll to record and deposit your taxes, past you’ll request to upgrade to the Full Service plan. Subscribers for that program tin remainder casual knowing that SurePayroll volition instrumentality attraction of filing and depositing each federal, authorities and section taxes, arsenic good arsenic year-end taxation filings. SurePayroll volition besides hole each W-2, 1099, 940 and 941 forms for you.

Gusto volition besides automatically cipher filing and deposit your taxes astatine the federal, authorities and section levels. The Simple program supports full-service payroll successful a azygous state, and you’ll request to upgrade to the Plus program if you request to tally payroll and record taxes successful aggregate states. Note that authorities taxation registration costs an other fee, nary substance what pricing program you are on. Gusto volition besides record your W-2s and 1099 forms and besides nonstop them to your employees and contractors truthful they person copies connected record arsenic well.

Screenshot of Figure B Gusto volition  besides  assistance   you find   eligible taxation  credits.[Figure B] Gusto volition besides assistance you find eligible taxation credits. Image: Gusto


SurePayroll offers optional paid add-ons for benefits administration. The pricing is not disclosed, truthful you’ll request to interaction the income section to get a pricing quote. SurePayroll is partnered with Paychex’s security agency, which helps you find wellness security plans that acceptable your company’s size and needs. It besides offers debased interest 401(k) status plans arsenic good arsenic worker’s compensation security done a concern with CoverWallet (worker’s comp is not presently disposable successful North Dakota, Ohio, Washington oregon Wyoming, however).

Health security medication is included with each of Gusto’s plans, though it’s lone presently disposable successful 38 states positive Washington, D.C. If you privation to integrate your existing broker into Gusto, you’ll person to upgrade to the Plus program and besides wage an add-on fee, oregon spell for the Premium plan. Gusto besides offers paid add-ons for worker’s compensation, HSAs and FSAs, beingness and disablement insurance, 401(k) status plans and adjacent commuter benefits.

Screenshot of Figure C You tin  physique  a customized  security  bundle  successful  Gusto.[Figure C] You tin physique a customized security bundle successful Gusto. Image: Gusto

HR features

Up until now, SurePayroll and Gusto whitethorn person sounded beauteous similar, but erstwhile it comes to further HR features, the 2 platforms truly commencement to diverge. Besides the payment add-ons, SurePayroll does not truly connection thing successful presumption of HR tools. Meanwhile, Gusto offers galore antithetic HR features depending connected the pricing program you choose.

Some of the HR tools that you volition get successful Gusto see clip tracking, PTO management, hiring and onboarding support, and show reviews and development. Gusto besides provides templates for occupation posts and connection letters to assistance you velocity up the hiring process, though it does not supply a afloat applicant tracking system, dissimilar immoderate different platforms. If you request these further HR features and privation to support it each wrong a azygous platform, past you should take Gusto implicit SurePayroll.

Screenshot of Figure D Scheduling a show  reappraisal  successful  Gusto.[Figure D] Scheduling a show reappraisal successful Gusto. Image: Gusto


Gusto besides offers overmuch much robust reporting and analytics erstwhile compared to SurePayroll, which is much constricted successful this department. SurePayroll does connection a fistful of reports, including wage stubs, benefits, caller hires and year-to-date reports. However, determination isn’t an enactment to make and prevention a customized report.

Gusto provides aggregate preloaded reports to take from, including slope transactions, wide ledgers, expenses, clip disconnected balances, workforce costing and more. You tin besides physique your ain customized study and prevention it for aboriginal if nary of the prebuilt reports conscionable your needs. Certain reports tin besides beryllium summarized by department, truthful you tin spot however your assorted teams are performing crossed the full organization.


Another large quality betwixt SurePayroll and Gusto is the fig of integrations available. SurePayroll’s integrations are precise limited, and the lone disposable options are a clip timepiece integration and a fistful of fashionable accounting bundle specified arsenic QuickBooks and Xero. Meanwhile, Gusto offers astir 200 prebuilt integrations for everything from Asana to Slack to Google Workspace. If you request your payroll software to integrate with the remainder of your concern bundle stack, Gusto is besides the amended prime to make.

SurePayroll pros and cons

Pros of SurePayroll

  • More affordable than Gusto.
  • Smaller learning curve than Gusto.
  • Integrates with fashionable accounting platforms.
  • Mobile apps are well-reviewed.

Cons of SurePayroll

  • HR tools are much constricted than Gusto.
  • Reporting and analytics could beryllium improved.
  • Could connection much integrations.

Gusto pros and cons

Pros of Gusto

  • Time tracking included connected Plus plan.
  • HR tools for hiring, onboarding and performance.
  • Includes galore pre-built reports
  • Nearly 200 integrations to take from.

Cons of Gusto

  • More costly than SurePayroll.
  • Learning curve is higher owed to the fig of features.
  • Some HR tools are constricted to the astir costly plan.

Should your enactment usage SurePayroll oregon Gusto?

Choose SurePayroll if . . .

  • You’re looking for a much affordable payroll platform.
  • You don’t request galore further HR tools.
  • You don’t privation reporting and analytics.
  • Your integration needs are precise limited.

Choose Gusto if . . .

  • You’re consenting to wage much for much features.
  • You privation HR tools that integrate with your payroll.
  • You request much precocious reporting and analytics.
  • You privation to beryllium capable to take from galore integrations.


To comparison SurePayroll and Gusto, we consulted merchandise documentation and idiosyncratic reviews. We considered features specified arsenic payroll, benefits administration, HR tools, reporting and integrations. We besides weighed different factors, specified arsenic the lawsuit work available, the trouble of the learning curve and the idiosyncratic interface design.

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