Surprisingly Useful Ways to Use Tension Rods Around Your Home

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I emotion hostility rods. No, really. I rent my apartment, truthful I’m ever weary of doing thing too invasive oregon imperishable to it, truthful screwing rods into the partition to clasp up my curtains is retired of the question to me. And hostility rods are the cleanable versatile—and temporary—tool that tin bash overmuch much than clasp up your ablution (and window) curtains. Here are immoderate different large uses for hostility rods astir the location that you astir apt ne'er thought of.

How to usage hostility rods successful the kitchen

When you deliberation of hostility rods, you astir apt deliberation of the agelong ones that tin capable an full model oregon agelong the magnitude of a bathtub, but mini ones exist, too, and are ace useful. Here’s a two-pack connected Amazon for $9.99. You’ll privation to banal up.

In the kitchen, for instance, you tin tally immoderate hostility rods on the partition supra your antagonistic and usage ablution hooks oregon thing akin to hoist up your large cooking utensils, similar your ladles, whisks, spatulas, oregon immoderate else. (Depending connected the magnitude of the partition successful question, you mightiness request to spell for a modular size alternatively of a mini.) I’m a large proponent of possessions-as-decor because, well, erstwhile you unrecorded successful a tiny space, you don’t person galore different options. Try hanging your mugs oregon teacups oregon thing other that is taking up excessively overmuch of your retention space, provided it has immoderate benignant of grip you tin thread the hook through.

Put a mini rod successful the cupboard truthful you tin bent pots and pans. Drape rags and rubber gloves implicit 1 nether the descend for casual entree and, if you person your cleaning products successful spray bottles, gaffe the triggers implicit the rod, too, to get those disconnected the ground. In a higher cupboard, see moving a rod that volition enactment arsenic a insubstantial towel dispenser. Just thread the rod itself done the towel conduit and spot it nether an precocious shelf.

How to usage hostility rods successful the bedroom

Tension rods are large successful your chamber closet, too. Sure, you already person a agelong rod moving lengthwise successful there, but person you considered a mini rod moving from beforehand to backmost on the broadside wall? With a fewer hooks, you tin usage it to bent jewelry, strappy shoes, each those vessel tops you don’t cognize what to bash with, oregon immoderate other doesn’t truly person a acceptable place in your drawers.

If you person an over-the-door footwear organizer, instrumentality it connected a rod connected the broadside of the closet to escaped up your doorway space.

How to usage hostility rods astir the house

Store wrapping insubstantial successful your craft/junk/miscellaneous closet by moving a rod done the conduit and suspending it precocious successful the air. This saves abstraction and stops the insubstantial from getting tossed astir oregon different mangled successful the 11 months of the twelvemonth erstwhile you’re not utilizing it, positive makes it casual to entree erstwhile you do want it. Simply propulsion the escaped borderline of the insubstantial and chopped disconnected what you need.

On your existing rods—or ones you are inspired to instal aft speechmaking each this—add a fewer curtain clips. These are circular hooks with tiny clips hanging disconnected of them, and they’re extraordinarily utile for retention solutions. On the rod successful your tub, for instance, a fewer of these tin clasp up your loofah, your razor, and adjacent your shampoo and conditioner, if those are successful the soft, squeezable benignant of bottles. (Here’s a battalion of 44 clips for $9.99!)

Curtain clips connected the rods successful your closet volition clasp up delicates, hats, gloves, and adjacent tiny bags. In the bathroom, they tin assistance you signifier headbands, hairsbreadth ties, and washcloths.

Finally, tally 1 nether your table truthful you person an casual spot to laic cords that you aren’t utilizing truthful you don’t person to flip them into a drawer, wherever they’re definite to get each tangled up.

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