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Tech Leaders: Take 5 Steps to Shift Gears and Ensure Your Business and IT Strategy are in Lockstep - Technology News

Tech Leaders: Take 5 Steps to Shift Gears and Ensure Your Business and IT Strategy are in Lockstep

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Businesses are facing precocious contention and ever-changing marketplace dynamics specified arsenic volatile macroeconomic cycles, shifting lawsuit expectations, caller exertion advances similar generative AI and adjacent endowment retention challenges.

These analyzable marketplace dynamics person lone accrued expectations for IT teams to supply solutions that tin boost concern results arsenic good arsenic revenue growth, profitability, lawsuit restitution and worker engagement. IT teams are expected to present these solutions wrong the constraints of choky outgo management.

To excel successful this concern climate, leaders indispensable employment a high-performance IT strategy, and the first cardinal rule that guides a high-performance IT strategy is alignment.

Why is alignment truthful important close now?

According to Forrester, lone 29% of concern and exertion decision-makers judge their integer concern initiatives align with different interior functions. Yet Forrester besides finds that alignment successful high-performance IT tin assistance businesses turn their revenues by 2.4x.

Achieving superior alignment requires tech leaders to occurrence connected the cylinders of strategy, operations and leadership. Superior alignment is paved crossed 3 concern dimensions: strategy, operations and leadership.

  • Strategic alignment ensures that concern and IT strategy are successful lockstep connected the velocity and standard of alteration required to execute concern results.
  • Operational alignment maps the impacts to each layers of the IT operating model, on with corresponding concern changes.
  • Leadership alignment crossed the stakeholder ecosystem holds the close individuals accountable to present the plan.

Aligning and executing to 1 of 4 IT styles

In a high-performance IT strategy, exertion leaders align their superior investments and execution to 1 of four IT styles: enabling, amplifying, co-creating and transforming.

  • The enabling style stabilizes, operates and protects the IT organization.
  • The co-creating style delivers caller products with IT and business.
  • The amplifying style uses data, AI and automation to optimize the business.
  • The transforming style pushes IT to leverage emerging technologies for breakthrough innovation.

At immoderate fixed time, leaders are investing crossed each 4 styles, with 1 benignant dominating.

For each organization, the metrics of winning differs depending connected their ascendant IT style. For example, successful the enabling style, outgo and borderline power assistance triumph the competitory contention for the consumer, portion the amplifying benignant focuses connected profitability growth. Co-creating focuses connected top-line growth, and transforming is simply a premix of top-line and profitability growth. When businesses modulation from 1 ascendant benignant to another, a higher level of calibration is required, arsenic opposed to taking a “set it and hide it” attack to IT strategy.

5 steps to achieving superior alignment

But achieving superior alignment is nary longer capable to win. Achieving superior and relentless alignment requires a five-step process with perpetually changing concern dynamics. The way to relentless alignment besides includes regular calibration, arsenic determination is ne'er a one-size-fits-all strategy; however, the process to execute relentless results is ever the same.

1. Understand your concern strategy to program the course

Planning for high-performance IT begins with a cardinal knowing of the concern strategy. Understanding however changing concern dynamics alteration the resulting concern goals, outcomes and occurrence metrics helps exertion leaders place the premix of IT styles that volition present the caller concern capabilities needed. Leaders should behaviour an appraisal to recognize the impacts of concern changes connected IT capabilities.

2. Align your IT strategy and make a realistic concern program to triumph the race

After determining your ascendant IT benignant and deltas for the concern strategy, measure your IT capabilities against 3 criteria:

  1. The value to IT’s strategical worth drivers.
  2. The maturity of your IT capabilities (e.g., people, data, application, process).
  3. The complexity of changing the capability.

Use determination tools to guarantee you are mapping your IT maturity and existent capabilities against the close level of investments, divestments and re-investments to present crossed your unsocial premix of styles — starring with your ascendant benignant — which is poised to person the astir interaction connected your concern strategy. Leverage competitory quality to usher your assessment.

3. Align the IT operating exemplary and physique the parts required for a high-performance contention car

Each enactment has antithetic levels of capabilities wrong their IT operating exemplary crossed six layers: customers, services, capabilities, structure, governance and leadership. Develop an updated operating exemplary notation architecture to construe your concern successful the premix of styles to physique the adjacent iteration of your high-performance operating exemplary — and wage adjacent attraction to the spot of existing capabilities and the complexity of alteration to existing oregon caller capabilities. Leverage probe information successful manufacture verticals to usher your redesign.

4. Align your squad and enactment done inspiration to summation efficiency, adjacent astatine pit stops

Gain buy-in from concern partners connected your caller IT strategy, the ascendant benignant and wide concern plan. This is achieved done compelling narratives that inspire, motivate and physique statement astir achieving desired outcomes. Leverage champion practices for communicating with concern stakeholders done alteration management, mounting calibration checkpoints and gathering a connection exemplary that conveys the iterative worth of exertion for improving concern results.

5. Race with the close velocity and momentum

Use a roadmap to present connected the caller ascendant IT benignant crossed the full operating exemplary and calibrate astatine the pre-determined intervals to clasp continuous alignment with concern dynamics. Use show metrics and applicable information to thrust these conversations astatine each turn. Keep your velocity and momentum astatine the close clip to triumph the race. Too overmuch momentum mightiness marque you suffer control, portion excessively small won’t person the desired interaction connected the market.

To summation velocity, guarantee your high-performance operating exemplary is successful imperishable alignment with changing concern dynamics and astatine the gait your teams tin maintain.

Benefits of relentless alignment

When utilizing this five-step process to execute this level of relentless alignment, tech leaders volition spot respective benefits. These see balancing their IT portfolio by regularly calibrating concern to concern benefits, aligning their operating exemplary to efficaciously prosecute the full enterprise, and securely architecting and adopting exertion that forms the nucleus for concern innovation and process.

Profile photograph  of Chuck Gahun.Image: Forrester Research

This nonfiction was written by Chuck Gahun, a main expert astatine Forrester whose probe is focused connected helping executives make and instrumentality integer strategies that present outcomes for businesses and consumers. He has spent the past 25 years of his vocation starring integer strategy, acquisition design, and exertion implementation projects crossed contented absorption systems, e-commerce systems, integer plus absorption systems, merchandise accusation absorption systems, lawsuit narration management, selling exertion automation, and integer acquisition platforms. Chuck holds a BA successful authorities and planetary authorities and an MS successful exertion absorption from George Mason University.

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