Tesla Recalls Its Semi Trucks Just Three Months After Release

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Tesla is rapidly becoming synonymous with “recall,” a connection it has familiarized itself with aft reporting glitches successful thousands of its vehicles implicit the past respective years. Now adding 1 much to its list, Tesla’s Semi truck, which was announced six years earlier it was produced, is being voluntarily recalled owed to brake nonaccomplishment issues.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported this is the archetypal callback of the Semi since it was archetypal delivered successful December. According to the NHTSA, the parking brake valve module whitethorn origin the Semi to rotation away, and said, “A parking brake that is not engaged arsenic expected erstwhile the operator releases the brakes whitethorn let the conveyance to rotation away, expanding the hazard of [a] crash.”

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems identified the contented successful aboriginal February and Tesla spent the adjacent period investigating the contented and determining however galore vehicles were affected. As of the day of the callback issued connected March 24, nary brake-related crashes oregon damages were reported, according to Electrek.

The callback affects an estimated 35 trucks and Tesla volition notify the owners via message by May 23, 2023, adding that it volition wage to regenerate the parking valve module.

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Tesla introduced its plans for the Semi astatine a live-streamed lawsuit from its plan workplace successful Hawthorne, California successful 2017, but didn’t commencement accumulation until November past twelvemonth astatine its Nevada facility and lone 1 period aboriginal it started making deliveries. The Semi was described arsenic being a afloat electrical Class 8 truck, meaning it weighs 33,000 pounds and tin transportation 80,000 pounds.

This is not the archetypal callback and setback the institution has encountered by acold with a reported 3.4 cardinal Tesla vehicles recalled since 2018. Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Transportation opened an probe into imaginable seatbelt malfunctions aft 2 Tesla owners filed complaints and recalled 3,470 2022-2023 Model Y cars aft reports that spot backmost frames whitethorn not beryllium decently secured. Late past year, Tesla recalled different 40,000 of its Model S and Model X vehicles erstwhile a bundle defect caused a glitch that could interaction the powerfulness steering assistance, and 356,309 Model 3 sedans were recalled successful December for perchance unsafe rearview camera malfunctions and an further 119,009 Model S vehicles were recalled for a misaligned beforehand trunk latch.

As Tesla’s laundry database of recalls and indispensable strategy updates continues to turn it seems to not beryllium a substance of if, but when, the adjacent callback volition come.

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