The 10 Best New Features in watchOS 10

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It’s WWDC clip again, which means Apple is showing disconnected the caller features successful its suite of operating systems—including, this year, a immense update for the bundle that powers Apple Watch.

Currently disposable successful beta and expected to motorboat aboriginal this year,

watchOS 10 boasts

lots of caller features,

including enhanced ticker faces, much utile intelligence wellness apps, and offline maps.

Before you get excessively excited,

check if your Apple Watch volition get watchOS 10 this f


due to the fact that Apple volition lone beryllium releasing the update to devices paired with phones

running iOS 17. This means that you’ll request an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, oregon newer devices to get watchOS 10—oh, and an Apple Watch Series 4 (

or newer)

, of course.


Here are the champion caller watchOS 10 features to ticker for:

Smart Stack enhances your ticker face

Smart Stack is simply a cardinal diagnostic of watchOS 10. It allows you to entree important accusation specified arsenic the presently playing song, weather, enactment stats, etc. straight from the ticker face. In older versions of watchOS, you’d person to property the broadside fastener to entree immoderate of this information; successful watchOS 10, you tin rotate the Digital Crown straight from the ticker look to spot it. Smart Stack besides adapts to your usage to prioritize applicable information.

A caller mode to unfastened Control Center

On watchOS 10, you tin unfastened the Control Center by pressing the broadside button. This feels similar a overmuch much reliable mode to entree it than swiping up connected a tiny display.

Full-screen apps

Apple’s ain apps specified arsenic Weather, Messages, Maps, and others volition usage much of your Apple Watch’s show successful watchOS 10. On a instrumentality wherever surface existent property is precious, it lone makes consciousness to usage each disposable millimeter of it.

New ticker faces

watchOS 10 adds amusive caller ticker faces called Palette and Snoopy. The erstwhile shows clip successful antithetic colors and overlapping layers, portion the second brings everyone’s favourite Peanuts characters to the Apple Watch.

Improvements for cycling workouts

Cyclists volition bask the caller metrics that watchOS 10 tin track. A caller presumption called Power Zones volition let you to way the strength of your cycling workout, which is large for effort-based training. You tin besides automatically link your Apple Watch to Bluetooth-enabled cycling accessories that tin measurement your cadence, speed, and power. There’s besides a caller unrecorded enactment for your iPhone that makes it casual to spot cycling metrics connected the telephone during your ride.

Don’t person an Apple Watch yet? Need a caller one? watchOS 10 volition beryllium compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 devices and newer, paired with iPhone Xs oregon aboriginal (running iOS 17).

Enhanced hiking workouts

With watchOS 10, the Compass app volition beryllium capable to make a fewer utile waypoints specified arsenic Last Cellular Connection. This volition let you to hint your way to the past spot wherever you had cellular reception. You’ll besides spot a nicer 3D presumption of saved waypoints, and successful the U.S., you’ll besides beryllium capable to spot a topographic representation of hikes showing elevation shading, points of interest, and elevation data.

Log your intelligence health

watchOS 10 volition let you to log intelligence wellness data. The Mindfulness app volition fto you grounds your authorities of mind, and you tin spell to the Health app connected your iPhone to spot however your intelligence wellness corresponds with your enactment levels. This could assistance you find parallels betwixt workout levels and your mood.

There’s different caller diagnostic that checks ambient airy levels and encourages you to walk much clip successful daylight. This tin payment carnal and intelligence health, but the diagnostic has besides been designed to beforehand amended imaginativeness health. Spending much clip successful daylight tin trim the hazard of myopia, and this diagnostic tin assistance you way if you’re connected people to debar this imaginativeness impairment.

NameDrop is coming to the Apple Watch too

A caller iOS 17 feature—NameDrop—that allows you to bring your iPhone adjacent to different iPhone to rapidly speech interaction accusation is besides coming to Apple Watch, with watchOS 10, volition besides enactment the aforesaid feature. You tin bring the Apple Watch adjacent to different Apple Watch oregon an iPhone to usage this feature.

Group FaceTime Audio

watchOS 10 adds enactment for radical FaceTime Audio calls connected the Apple Watch. You tin besides preview video messages near via FaceTime, straight connected the Apple Watch.

Better navigation with Apple Maps

You’ll beryllium capable to download maps connected Apple Maps for offline navigation. This a companion diagnostic for Apple Maps connected iOS 17, which supports offline maps. Offline navigation is beauteous utile to prevention artillery oregon erstwhile web is unavailable oregon spotty.

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