The Facial Treatment Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts Are Getting Ahead of the Oscars

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Ahead of the Oscars, stars publication their appointments for facials, lasers and different skin-perfecting treatments. Beloved personage aesthetician Joanna Czech volition beryllium performing facials for Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts, Maria Sharapova and Kim Kardashian and others for the large event. We talked to Czech astir however she’ll beryllium prepping these stars. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly LYMA Laser treatments and facials. When you spot these celebrities glowing connected the red carpet, you’ll cognize who to thank.

Why does the LYMA Laser entreaty to truthful galore celebrities?

“Many skin-rejuvenation techniques similar laser resurfacing enactment crossed aggregate appointments implicit galore months—they necessitate being successful 1 place, and to astir actors and planetary celebrities, that’s simply not realistic. Traditional lasers and chemical peels besides harm the tegument to trigger it to marque collagen which entails downtime. Again, not thing immoderate exemplary oregon histrion connected acceptable tin spend to instrumentality on. The LYMA Laser is singular due to the fact that it’s thing I tin usage successful my treatments, but besides my high-profile clients tin amended their tegument themselves, each azygous day.”

Could you locomotion america done your LYMA treatment?

“Absolutely! With LYMA, I’ve created a gorgeously customized attraction that’s guaranteed to airy up the tegument and person my Hollywood clients brimming with assurance connected the reddish carpet travel Sunday. We statesman with a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a operation of targeted serums chosen for their skin’s needs connected that day. 

Afterward, the LYMA Laser is utilized to amended tegument elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and propulsion skin-care products much profoundly into the skin. Each facial is wholly customized and unsocial to their tegument concerns and volition past connection further tegument therapies, including ultrasound, oxygen infusion and intensive face masks. Every facial finishes with almighty rejuvenating LED therapy with antagonistic ions. It’s a genuinely unsocial tegument acquisition and addresses each of the individual’s needs.”

What effects mightiness LYMA person successful the abbreviated word that would amusement up successful clip for the Oscars? What astir the longer-term benefits?

“The LYMA Laser is the cleanable instrumentality for reddish carpet events due to the fact that it has the powerfulness to springiness an instant glow, reduce redness and present firmer, tighter skin. By creating that smooth, adjacent complexion, we are achieving the champion imaginable canvas for constitution artists to get to work, creating beauteous reddish carpet constitution looks. In the longer term, the laser is susceptible of unthinkable tegument transformations. Using it regular for astir 2 to 3 months volition trim hyperpigmentation, summation elasticity of the skin, adjacent retired tegument code and implicit time, it reduces the signs of wrinkles and adjacent scarring.

Not lone does the LYMA Laser tackle tegument issues and assistance my clients execute their tegument goals, but it besides improves the show of different products utilized by pushing the actives successful topical tegument attraction much profoundly into the skin. I person seen immense benefits from utilizing the LYMA Laser successful operation with my C+ Serum ($340) and Soothing Serum ($275). Having specified wide-reaching benefits makes LYMA Laser an implicit indispensable for myself and my clients.”

“I adore skin-care innovation and cutting-edge caller technologies, which is what drew maine to the LYMA Laser. It each depends connected what my client’s tegument is successful request of and however it volition champion acceptable their lifestyle—but I usage galore modalities, including microcurrent, ultrasound, cryotherapy, oxygen infusion, and bespoke serums arsenic good arsenic masks.”

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