We person TikTok to convey for putting america up to countless workout trends (hello, 3-2-8 method oregon Wall Pilates) and challenges (think: plank, dragon flag, barbell), but it has yet to trial much than conscionable our fittingness prowess—that is unless you’ve taken portion successful the #75Hard challenge. Yes, it sounds vague and intimidating, but capable to permission you wanting more. So, what is 75 Hard? “If you’re looking for a caller fittingness programme oregon challenge, this is not it,” says the program’s website. Rather, it’s a “transformative intelligence toughness program” that combines fitness, nutrition, self-improvement, and carnal and intelligence discipline. Although not caller to the scene, with 1.5 cardinal views to day (yes, billion), the 75 Hard regimen is inactive going strong—and the earlier and aft photos of participants unsocial tin beryllium alluring capable to marque conscionable astir anyone see doing it. But is it each that it’s cracked up to be? I turned to experts to find out.   

What is 75 Hard?

75 Hard was calved retired of an interview creator Andy Frisella, a podcaster and CEO of the supplement institution 1st Phorm, had with “Iron Cowboy” James Lawrence (he completed 50 Ironman races successful 50 consecutive days crossed each 50 states), who told him that you must  enactment yourself successful uncomfortable places successful bid to make intelligence fortitude. The 75-day programme is based connected the pursuing regular criteria:

  1. Follow a diet, which tin beryllium your choice, but it indispensable beryllium a structured eating program with the extremity of carnal improvement. No intoxicant allowed.
  2. Complete 2 45-minute workouts, 1 of which indispensable beryllium done outdoors.
  3. Take a advancement picture.
  4. Drink 1 gallon of water. 
  5. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction publication (audiobooks excluded).

If you don’t travel done connected immoderate of the acceptable guidelines, the situation resets astatine time one. And nary modifications are allowed–yeah, it’s intense. 

On 75 Hard’s website, Frisella claims that his programme volition amusement you however to boost your confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief, fortitude, and grittiness—making a affirmative interaction connected yourself, your career, relationships, clip management, thinking, and carnal shape. “75 HARD is the lone programme that tin permanently alteration your life…from your mode of thinking, to the level of subject you attack each azygous task successful beforehand of you with,” helium states. 


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What experts are saying

While 75 Hard whitethorn dependable bully connected paper, I’m skeptic of thing excessively rigorous oregon restrictive, truthful of people I had to excavation deeper by grilling doctors, dietitians, and fittingness trainers to interruption down the pros and cons of the program.


“75 Hard is simply a large mode to make subject and intelligence toughness,” said Dr. Brittany Robles, MD, MPH, CPT, an OBGYN doc and NASM certified idiosyncratic trainer. “By committing to 75 days of strict adherence to the program, you’ll beryllium grooming your caput to propulsion done discomfort, which is the biggest origin successful achieving semipermanent goals. Additionally, 75 Hard tin assistance you make steadfast habits, specified arsenic regular exercise, due hydration, and mindful eating.” Erica Baty, RDN, CDE, a registered dietitian and fittingness instructor, agreed that astir of the “rules” of 75 Hard are mostly steadfast habits: “Reading, exercising, being progressive outside, consuming a healthful diet, and drinking tons of h2o person each been shown to supply galore wellness benefits specified arsenic much energy, value attraction oregon weight loss, improved assemblage creation and lower hazard of chronic diseases.”


Dr. Shoaib Malik, MD, a board-certified household medicine doctor, warned that it’s important to recognize the afloat representation (read: the good, the bad, and the ugly) of the situation earlier deciding whether it’s close for you. He cited that the strict requirements of the situation tin beryllium intense, starring to burnout, injury, oregon antagonistic interaction connected intelligence wellness for immoderate individuals, arsenic good arsenic the imaginable pitfalls related to antagonistic assemblage image. Catherine Karnatz, RD, creator of Nutrition Education RD, echoed the aforesaid interest that 75 Hard tin springiness emergence to: “Taking a advancement representation regular whitethorn spark an obsession with your carnal appearance, predominant assemblage checking, and assemblage dysmorphia. In the astir terrible cases, mediocre assemblage representation and restrictive eating habits whitethorn lend to disordered eating and eating disorders.”

Alayna Curry, a NASM certified women’s fittingness specialist, besides pointed retired that portion 75 Hard is meant to beryllium challenging with the extremity of achieving extremist change, it’s not sustainable. “The mean idiosyncratic can’t perpetrate to workout 7 days a week, fto unsocial 2 workouts a day,” she asserted. “As soon arsenic radical springiness up the strict regular and spell backmost to ‘normal,’ it volition beryllium hard to support the changes they’ve experienced.”

There whitethorn beryllium adjacent much imaginable cons based connected what “diet” you choose, including restricting alcohol. to notation the repercussions of adhering to an overly restrictive fare “While I promote pursuing an eating program that volition beryllium personally sustainable for your lifestyle, I bash not urge wholly cutting retired full nutrient groups that you enjoy,” Karnatz voiced. “Categorizing antithetic foods that you devour arsenic ‘good’ oregon ‘bad’ tin make disordered behaviors and fearfulness astir food.” 

The Everygirl verdict

We promote doing what feels close for you, archetypal and foremost. While we supply adept opinions and imaginable factors for your consideration, lone you cognize what is close for you. But arsenic for whether oregon not we deliberation 75 Hard is worthy it? Factors similar getting outside, speechmaking 10 pages of a book, and being conscious of fitting successful question and nutrient-dense foods are undoubtedly beneficial, and possibly the operation mightiness assistance you find information oregon instrumentality to goals that different consciousness difficult. 

That said, the situation tin beryllium particularly triggering for anyone with a disordered narration with nutrient oregon exercise, peculiarly the progression photos that springiness much absorption connected quality than much important factors similar however you consciousness and your well-being. The restrictions (no alcohol, going extracurricular of your eating plan, exercising each day) leave small to nary country for flexibility and tin pb to detrimental and obsessive behaviors.

Plus, the information is that our minds and bodies consciousness and request antithetic things each day: you whitethorn consciousness acceptable to conquer the satellite aft a 45-minute greeting workout and day locomotion connected 1 day, but connected different days, your assemblage volition fto you cognize it needs rest, which isn’t a portion of the 75 Hard program (FYI, rest days are conscionable arsenic important arsenic your workouts). Word to the wise: The programme isn’t backed by subject oregon guided by a trained expert, truthful it should beryllium taken with a atom of salt. What’s more, for a program to beryllium effectual and attainable—be it a fitness, eating, oregon career—it needs to beryllium sustainable and enjoyable, and 75 Hard doesn’t acceptable the measure for astir people. 

Alternatives to 75 Hard

If you’re looking for immoderate operation successful your workout and fare without the hardcore measures of 75 Hard, see it’s little stringent, much accessible relative 75 Soft. Created by TikTok fittingness influencer Stephen Gallagher, this alternate situation to 75 Hard calls for 1 remainder day, limits drinking alternatively than cutting it retired entirely, and doesn’t necessitate immoderate pictures, making it a much flexible and realistic option—with 1 caveat: it lone includes 1 time of betterment (hot tip: If you request much than 1 time of recovery, ever perceive to your body). The 4 rules of the 75 Soft situation are arsenic follows:

  1. Eat nutritious foods and lone portion connected societal occasions.
  2. Train 45 minutes a day, with 1 time designated for progressive betterment per week.
  3. Drink 3 liters of h2o a day.
  4. Read 10 pages of immoderate publication (audiobooks are allowed).

PSA: You tin execute intelligence toughness without committing to fittingness trends and putting yourself done utmost practices. Instead, instrumentality with question that brings you joyousness and make your ain small challenges. If you bash Pilates 2 times a week, effort adding 1 much sweat sesh a week. Maybe you’ve conscionable discovered lifting weights makes you consciousness similar a badass and you can’t get enough; marque it a extremity to adhd much reps to your backmost squat each 2 weeks (think: 8-10 squats week 1, past 10-12 squats week 3, and truthful on). Whatever your wellness and fittingness goal—attaining intelligence toughness, eating healthy, moving retired more—it’s not each oregon nothing, and taking the what-makes-you-feel-good attack wins—TikTok inclination oregon not.