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Samsung and OnePlus already announced caller devices successful the archetypal 4th of 2023, but smartphone shoppers apt person a batch much to look guardant to aboriginal this year.

Though it's hard to foretell precisely what's successful store for the telephone industry, it's imaginable to marque immoderate educated guesses since galore companies instrumentality to the aforesaid motorboat routine. The iPhone 15 lineup, for example, is expected to get successful September, perchance with USB-C charging for the archetypal time. Google's rumored Pixel 8 could motorboat successful the fall, apt with a caller Tensor processor.

Such launches would travel the subtle but important advancement that phones made successful 2022. The iPhone 14, for example, gained satellite connectivity for emergencies and car-crash detection, portion Google recovered much ways to marque usage of its customized Tensor spot successful the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Samsung, meanwhile, gave its flagship Galaxy S lineup a caller look and an upgraded camera past year, portion this year's S23 is simply a humble measurement forward.

Here are the caller phones we're apt to spot successful 2023, based connected erstwhile motorboat cycles, rumors and reports. 

Apple iPhone 15 lineup

iPhone 14 family

The iPhone 14 lineup.

James Martin/CNET

What we're expecting: Apple's caller iPhone household usually launches successful September, and we person nary crushed to judge 2023 volition beryllium immoderate different. The adoption of USB-C charging is 1 of the biggest changes we're expecting to spot connected Apple's next-generation iPhones. 

The European Union precocious mandated that each caller phones sold successful the portion must enactment USB-C charging by 2024. Apple said it would comply with these rules but did not specify whether that means we'll spot a displacement to USB-C starting successful 2023. It's besides not confirmed if a USB-C iPhone would get a planetary release, oregon if it would stay solely a European model.

Otherwise, we're apt to spot regular changes specified arsenic immoderate camera upgrades and a caller processor. TF International Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for making beauteous close predictions astir upcoming Apple products, tweeted that Apple whitethorn bash much to separate the iPhone 15 Pro from the regular iPhone 15. 

It already made a measurement successful that absorption with the iPhone 14 procreation by keeping features similar the Dynamic Island and caller A16 Bionic processor exclusive to the Pro line. What's much interesting, however, is the thought that Apple could further differentiate the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max from the smaller iPhone 15 Pro, according to Kuo

The main quality betwixt the regular Pro and Pro Max comes down to surface size. Giving the Pro Max immoderate other perks could further person shoppers to splurge connected Apple's biggest (and astir expensive) iPhone. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman besides believes Apple could alteration the name of the iPhone Pro Max to the iPhone Ultra successful the aboriginal to amended align with different products similar the Apple Watch Ultra

Why I'm excited astir it: The iPhone's long-anticipated modulation to USB-C is arguably the biggest crushed to get excited astir Apple's adjacent smartphone. The power means iPhone users volition yet beryllium capable to complaint their iPhone, iPad and Mac with the aforesaid benignant of charging cable, reducing friction and making the iPhone that overmuch much convenient. I'm besides looking guardant to seeing whether Apple further distinguishes the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the iPhone 15 Pro. I've argued that Apple needs to springiness its supersized iPhones more functionality that takes vantage of their larger screens, akin to the iPad.

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Google Pixel 7A

The backmost  of Google's Pixel 6A phone

The Google Pixel 6A.

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

What we're expecting: If Google maintains its tradition, we could spot a cheaper mentation of the Pixel 7 known arsenic the Pixel 7A motorboat successful the outpouring oregon summertime clip frame. Rumors astir the Pixel 7A are scarce close now. But developer Kuba Wojciechowski says helium recovered details perchance pertaining to the Pixel 7A successful the Android codebase, suggesting that immoderate reasonably important upgrades are successful store. 

Wojciechowski's findings bespeak the Pixel 7A could person a surface with a higher refresh complaint of 90Hz and wireless charging -- 2 characteristics that are noticeably absent from the Pixel 6A. Leaked renders from Hemmerstoffer that were erstwhile again published connected Smartprix besides suggest the Pixel 7A volition person a precise akin plan arsenic its predecessor. 

The Pixel 7A could besides see the aforesaid Tensor G2 processor that powers the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro arsenic good arsenic a camera setup that includes wide and ultrawide sensors. That's if the Pixel 7A follows successful the aforesaid footsteps arsenic the Pixel 6A, of course. 

The Pixel 7A is besides believed to person surfaced connected the Vietnamese website Zing News, which suggests it volition person a 6.1-inch surface and a plan that's precise akin to the Pixel 7's -- adjacent down to the camera bar. 

Why I'm excited astir it: Google's A-series Pixel phones are earnestly awesome from a worth standpoint. That's wherefore the Pixel 6A has received a CNET Editors' Choice award and is our favourite Android telephone nether $500. If Google manages to code the Pixel 6A's precise fewer shortcomings portion maintaining the aforesaid terms of $449, it'll beryllium an adjacent much formidable challenger to Samsung successful the affordable telephone market. 

Google Pixel 8 lineup

The Pixel 7 Pro (left) and Pixel 7 (right)

The Pixel 7 Pro (left) and Pixel 7 (right).

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

What we're expecting: Google's Pixel 7 and 7 Pro person lone been retired since mid-October 2022, but rumors person already started to aboveground astir the Pixel 8 family. German tech blog WinFuture reports that it recovered references to 2 unreleased Pixel smartphones successful publically disposable code. The findings bespeak that these 2 devices are codenamed "Shiba" and "Husky" and that they're powered by a caller processor codenamed "Zuma." The codification besides suggests these devices volition tally connected Android 14 and see 12GB of RAM, according to WinFuture.

Prolific leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer besides partnered with the tech blogs MySmartPrice and SmartPrix to people what are said to beryllium renderings of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Based connected these images, some phones volition person a akin plan with softer edges compared to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. 

Why I'm excited astir it: There haven't been galore rumors astir the expected Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, which means determination isn't excessively overmuch to get excited astir yet. But what I'm astir funny successful is what caller features Google's next-generation spot volition bring to its aboriginal phones. Google's existent Tensor chips person enabled features that look applicable and utile successful mundane life, specified arsenic Magic Eraser and Face Unblur for improving photograph prime and the quality to adhd talker labels to transcripts successful the Recorder app. That makes maine excited astir wherever Google could instrumentality things next. 

Google Pixel Fold

Oppo Find N open

Leaks suggest Google's foldable Pixel could look similar the Oppo Find N, pictured here. 

Eli Blumenthal/CNET

What we're expecting: Google hasn't entered the foldable telephone contention yet, but that could alteration precise soon. The hunt elephantine whitethorn merchandise a foldable Pixel telephone arsenic aboriginal arsenic June, according to 9to5Google and WinFuture.

Google's instrumentality connected the foldable telephone could look similar the Oppo Find N, according to 9to5Google. YouTube property Dave2D says helium received a blank exemplary showing what the rumored Pixel Fold's plan could look like, and it benignant of resembles Microsoft's Surface Duo.

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski besides reportedly discovered clues successful the Android 13 beta hinting astatine a imaginable foldable Pixel device. The codification suggested the telephone would person a main, telephoto and ultrawide camera conscionable similar astir premium phones, on with the aforesaid interior selfie camera arsenic the Pixel 6. 

Why we're excited astir it: We won't cognize thing for definite unless Google announces a foldable phone. But determination are a mates of reasons wherefore I'm excited astir the thought of a Pixel Fold. 

Google typically undercuts Samsung and different telephone makers connected price, meaning the Pixel Fold could extremity up being reasonably affordable compared to competitors. Foldables are besides inactive mostly a novelty. They entreaty to aboriginal adopters, but astir radical inactive don't truly spot the worth successful foldable phones conscionable yet. Foldables phones are lone expected to person accounted for 1.1% of the planetary smartphone marketplace successful 2022, according to The International Data Corporation's estimate

Since Google operates Android and has a past of coming up with unsocial features for its regular Pixel phones, I'm hoping it'll bash the aforesaid for a Pixel Fold. With its existent Pixel devices, Google has added adjuvant features similar the quality to sharpen photos that are retired of absorption and person Google Assistant hold connected clasp for you. If it does merchandise a foldable, I'd similar to spot it travel the aforesaid attack and make creative, utile features that instrumentality vantage of a foldable screen. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 with Google Maps open

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4.

James Martin/CNET

What we're expecting: Even though foldable phones are inactive caller to astir people, Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold volition beryllium connected its 5th procreation successful 2023. The adjacent mentation of Samsung's phone-tablet hybrid could person a slot for storing Samsung's S Pen stylus, a lighter plan and a little noticeable crease, according to Korean quality outlet The Elec. The study didn't definitively accidental the Z Fold 5 volition person these improvements, but did accidental Samsung has cited them arsenic barriers that indispensable beryllium flooded to marque foldable phones much popular.

Other much caller reports from The Elec, ET News and well-known leaker Ice Universe suggest Samsung could instrumentality a h2o drop-shaped hinge connected the Galaxy Z Fold 5. That caller hinge would apt assistance with minimizing the device's crease and thickness. 

Otherwise, we tin astir apt expect to spot regular improvements to the camera and processor successful the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Samsung besides added immoderate caller multitasking features to the Z Fold 4 this year, specified arsenic the quality to usage the bottommost information of the surface arsenic a mini trackpad erstwhile the show is folded halfway. So there's a accidental we'll spot different bundle enhancements successful the future, too. 

Samsung typically releases its caller foldable phones successful August, meaning we're apt to spot the adjacent Z Fold astir that time.

Why I'm excited astir it: The Galaxy Z Fold 5 needs a batch much than an included S Pen to bring foldables into the mainstream. But making the S Pen a bigger portion of the acquisition could spell a agelong way successful further defining who the Z Fold is for and wherefore it exists successful the archetypal place. Samsung is promoting the Z Fold 5 arsenic a productivity-oriented device, truthful having an embedded S Pen seems similar a earthy move. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Fold 3 are some compatible with the S Pen, but they indispensable beryllium purchased separately. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 successful  Flex Mode connected  a yellowish  couch

The caller Galaxy Z Flip 4 looks astir identical to past year's Z Flip 3.

Patrick Holland/CNET

What we're expecting: Samsung's adjacent flip telephone whitethorn person a larger screen surface and a little noticeable crease, according to Ross Young, cofounder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. Ross precocious tweeted that the Z Flip 5 volition person a screen show measuring astir 3 inches and a caller hinge plan that could marque the crease much subtle. That would correspond a sizable summation from the existent Z Flip 4's 1.9-inch screen screen. Like with the Z Fold 5, there's a accidental we'll spot wide improvements to camera prime and bundle arsenic good arsenic a caller processor. 

Why I'm excited astir it: Making the screen surface somewhat larger would code 1 of the Z Flip's biggest shortcomings. As my workfellow Patrick Holland wrote successful his review of the Z Flip 4, the screen surface is the biggest country wherever Samsung could beryllium doing more. I'm besides hoping to spot longer artillery beingness from the Z Flip 5 considering that's different country wherever Samsung's existent flip telephone could usage immoderate improvement. 


It seems similar immoderate of the biggest improvements we're expecting to spot crossed the committee connected caller smartphones successful 2023 volition person to bash with artillery and charging improvements, arsenic good arsenic camera and plan upgrades. We'll cognize much passim the twelvemonth arsenic much reports and rumors arrive, and arsenic Samsung, Apple and Google really debut their devices.

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