The Last of Us Has Locked in Its Season 2 Filming Location

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While season 1 of The Last of Us took audiences connected a whirlwind, cross-country circuit of the United States, very small of what you saw was really the United States. Showrunners Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann filmed astir of play 1 successful the Alberta portion of Canada, successful and astir Calgary, Edmonton, and more. That filming determination is changing for play two, but not by much.

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Deadline reports that Joel and Ellie are heading westbound arsenic The Last of Us volition beryllium filming successful and astir Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s a determination utilized by many, galore shows and movies due to the fact that of the country’s taxation breaks and abundant accumulation industry. So that’s not truly overmuch of a surprise.

What does marque it absorbing is that a bully chunk of The Last of Us Part II, the video crippled this 2nd play of the amusement volition statesman to adapt, takes spot successful Seattle, Washington, which is lone a three-hour thrust from Vancouver. Could the accumulation person moved further westbound to much accurately seizure that Pacific Northwest vibe? That seems similar a tenable assumption.

There’s nary connection connected erstwhile filming for play 2 volition statesman but chances are the play volition lone archer fractional the communicative of the 2nd game. “I deliberation that the magnitude of communicative that remains that we person not covered would beryllium much than a play of television,” Mazin told io9 past year. “So assuming we tin support going forward, the thought would beryllium to bash much than conscionable 1 much season. But this isn’t the benignant of amusement that is going to beryllium 7 seasons.”

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Without spoiling thing (you tin play the game, read our review, oregon ticker a playthrough to bash that), The Last of Us Part II picks up immoderate clip aft the events of the archetypal game/series and deals straight with the fallout of Joel’s actions astatine the end. Who did helium kill? What is the fallout? And what volition Ellie deliberation erstwhile she realizes what helium did? All that comes into play.

With the Vancouver accumulation inactive disconnected connected the horizon, fans should astir apt program connected seeing The Last of Us play 2 successful precocious 2024 oregon possibly adjacent aboriginal 2025.

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