The Morning After: What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2023

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Apple’s large developer league kicks disconnected June 5th, and each the signs constituent to the company’s mixed world headset making its archetypal appearance. The tech elephantine has been acquiring headset-friendly startups for years, and if the rumors are true, Apple’s stand-alone instrumentality (possibly called Reality Pro) whitethorn beryllium much almighty than the Meta Quest Pro and galore different high-end headsets. It could battalion 4K solution per eye, with afloat body-motion tracking. It whitethorn necessitate an outer artillery battalion and past for conscionable 2 hours connected a charge, but it would beryllium comparatively airy and slim.

It volition besides apt onshore with a caller level (maybe called xrOS) designed with mixed world successful mind. Instead of controllers, you’d usage manus gestures, regard detection and dependable commands to navigate. It sounds similar Apple is approaching the cutting-edge of mixed reality, but that comes astatine a cost: Rumors suggest this archetypal exemplary could outgo astir $3,000. That’s 3 times the terms of Meta’s Quest Pro.

We’re besides expecting to spot a caller 15-inch summation to the MacBook Air bid with M2 power, arsenic good arsenic the archetypal look astatine iOS 17 and MacOS 14. We’re heading to the league to study connected everything adjacent week.

– Mat Smith

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