The Out-of-Touch Adults' Guide to Kid Culture: Are We Too Thirsty for Pedro Pascal?

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This week, young radical are partying similar it’s 1999: buying dumb-phones, spending acold hard cash, and listening to Afroman novelty raps. On the much superior broadside of things, the net is creeping connected histrion Pedro Pascal, amplifying unfounded rumors, and dealing with the hidden challenges of having a sibling with a disability.

The net is getting truly weird astir Pedro Pascal

This week, our new champion pals astatine Mashable examined the progressively creepy parasocial narration betwixt the online satellite and its caller “daddy,” Pedro Pascal, prima of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian. The question: Has the net gone excessively acold this time? The answer: Yes, of course. The net has ever gone excessively far. But this clip it’s really excessively far. The millions of thirst tweets are creepy. This wide shared deep-fake video of Pascal saying “I americium your cool, slutty daddy” is adjacent creepier. But possibly creepiest of each is this clip of Entertainment Tonight asking Pascal to work “thirst tweets” astir himself connected the reddish carpet. Awkward doesn’t bash it justice.

So what’s going connected here? A lot. it’s a taste collision touching connected issues of gender, fandom, celebrity, sexuality, the eternal September of online life, and mode more. Check retired this fantabulous discussion successful which Chase DiBenedetto and Elena Cavender chop it each up similar a popular taste nutrient processor.

Don’t freak retired astir April 24, which is not “National Rape Day”

If a younger idiosyncratic successful your beingness is getting anxious about

April 24 looming

, reassure them that, no,

it’s not “national rape day.” According to the rumor that has dispersed each twelvemonth astir this clip since 2021, April 24 is “The National Day of Sexual Assault,” the time

upon which

shadowy men program connected committing immoderate fig of felonies

. Where did this thought originate? Supposedly

, six men started spreading videos promoting the time successful 2021, past others jumped connected the trend, encouraging each different and spreading tips. Except determination is nary hint of immoderate of those

videos online

, nor immoderate evidence

they ever existed. I can’t find immoderate grounds of anyone really

supporting the day, with the objection of a screenshot of a since-deleted introduction connected Urban Dictionary posted successful 2019.

There are, however, tons of videos warning people astir the day

and decrying the precise atrocious

people down it. The makers of these videos mean well, but are spreading misinformation and fear. Sexual battle is simply a horrible occupation that everyone should beryllium alert of and enactment to prevent, but it’s not immoderate worse oregon much communal connected April 24. (For what it’s worth,

April 24 is really National Pigs successful a Blanket Day.)

What is “glass kid syndrome?”


growing assemblage connected TikTok is discussing “glass kid syndrome,” a statement of the siblings of children with with disabilities

who consciousness their parents “saw done them” passim their childhoods. The word was coined successful 2010 by Alicia Arena, and it describes an often overlooked demographic. Glass children are often expected to beryllium caretakers for their siblings. Their problems are often minimized, and their full family’s lives often revolve astir the needs of their siblings.

According to Arena, “g

lass children instrumentality connected these caretaker responsibilities and people we are conditioned not to person immoderate problems. We are expected to beryllium perfect. When idiosyncratic asked america however we were doing, the reply was always: I’m doing fine.” This is simply a lawsuit of exertion having made it casual for radical who erstwhile suffered unsocial to find each different and connection knowing and support, truthful possibly we shouldn’t ban TikTok?

The instrumentality of dumb phones and hard cash

Younger radical are rediscovering a mates of old-school classics lately: Dumb phones and currency money. Gen Z influencers are touting aged schoolhouse flip-phones arsenic a mode of controlling surface clip and companies similar Punkt and Light are serving up bespoke versions of the merchandise (dubbed “minimal phones”), and kids are starting to instrumentality the bait. A little. There hasn’t been a immense spike successful dumb telephone adoption, but possibly it’s the opening of an encouraging trend.

Money, successful the signifier of pieces of insubstantial you tin commercialized for goods and services, is besides making a comeback among young people. The hashtag #cashstuffing details the precise old-school budgeting strategy of putting currency successful envelopes marked “rent,” “food,” oregon “illegal drugs.” It’s cleanable for a clip of inflation: it keeps you from overspending, makes you much alert of what you person left, and prevents you from dipping into your credit. On the antagonistic side: it isn’t secure, takes time, and offers nary involvement oregon different return. But for young radical who often don’t person overmuch wealth anyhow and astir apt didn’t larn basal location concern successful school, it’s decidedly a net-positive.

Viral videos of the week: Afroman’s unexpected comeback

Rapper Afroman, creator of early-aughts novelty deed “Because I Got High,” is going viral this week, introducing a

caller procreation to his unsocial talents and vibe. Videos for 2 of Afroman’s songs are spreading rapidly due to the fact that he’s being sued by the police. Last August, the sheriffs section successful Afroman’s Ohio region searched his spot looking for narcotics and a kidnapping victim. They recovered neither, but they near Afroman a immense gift: unthinkable footage of equipped men casually rummaging done his things and

finding thing but a citrus barroom baked by Afroman’s mom. Afroman utilized the footage successful a mates of videos a fewer period ago, but not galore radical noticed. Until t

his week, erstwhile

members of the Adams County Sheriff’s department filed a suit against the rapper. They accidental they suffered “humiliation, ridicule, intelligence distress, embarrassment and nonaccomplishment of reputation.” Oh no.

Anyway, the videos are hilarious and hundreds of thousands of radical would beryllium unaware of them if it wasn’t for the fantabulous promotion the Sheriff’s Department provided. In “Will you Help Repair my Door?” Afroman asks a bid of tenable questions to the police, and successful “Lemon Pound Cake,” 1 cop’s bare absorption to a delicious dainty is scrutinized.

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