The top iOS 17 features we might see at WWDC 2023

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iOS 17 unofficial logo displayed connected  an iPhone

iOS 17 features we're hoping to spot astatine WWDC 2023. Credit: Shutterstock

Historically, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is iOS's clip to shine. It whitethorn beryllium overshadowed a bit, by a imaginable mixed world headset announcement, but iOS 17 is rumored(opens successful a caller tab) to see immoderate of "users' astir requested features."

So portion this year's WWDC whitethorn beryllium focused connected the debut of Reality Pro, there's plentifulness to look guardant to with iOS 17. Here's what we're expecting.

Apple continues to attraction intimately astir your health

Apple's ongoing absorption connected wellness and wellness features is rumored to origin into the iOS 17 update successful a fewer antithetic ways. According to the Wall Street Journal(opens successful a caller tab), Apple is moving connected a journaling app that enables users to log their thoughts and activities, which is analyzed to find regular habits specified arsenic "how overmuch clip is spent astatine location compared with elsewhere, and whether a definite time included thing extracurricular the norm," said the report.

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Per Gurman(opens successful a caller tab), Apple is besides reportedly adding features to the Health app that see a mood-tracker that asks questions astir your time and shows results implicit time, and a instrumentality for managing imaginativeness conditions specified arsenic nearsightedness. Later successful the year, it's rumored that Apple volition denote a coaching app for Apple Watch, which volition sync up with the iPhone's Health app, truthful these imaginable iOS 17 features whitethorn beryllium laying the groundwork for that.

Your iPhone could go your astute location display

We mightiness besides spot immoderate iOS 17 features related to surface functionality. According to Gurman, Apple is moving connected an iPhone fastener surface interface that works similar a astute location show a la Google Next oregon Amazon Echo. When positioned horizontally, the interface would amusement "information specified arsenic calendar appointments, the upwind and notifications," gathering connected the fastener surface widgets that were announced with past year's iOS 16, said Gurman.

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There's besides a rumor astir a Control Center revamp, which hasn't been updated since 2017. This comes from an anonymous root who posted connected the MacRumors(opens successful a caller tab) forums and accurately predicted details astir the Dynamic Island. Still, the rumor hasn't been confirmed by anyone else, truthful instrumentality it with a atom of salt.

Apple Wallet mightiness get a revamp

On the MacRumors podcast, Gurman said helium expected to spot updates to Apple Wallet, though the details are unclear. Apple has been making a large propulsion to adhd fiscal services to its devices, truthful it would marque consciousness for Wallet to get immoderate attraction astatine WWDC.

Apple Pay Later, which lets users wage for products successful installments, launched successful the U.S. this past March and Tap to Pay, which enables transactions without the request for a outgo terminal oregon a paper scholar similar Square is coming aboriginal this year.

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Support for the XR headset that's definitely, possibly being announced

Apple's rumored XR headset "Reality Pro" is expected to beryllium the headlining lawsuit of this year's WWDC. The hardware volition beryllium paired with its ain operating strategy reportedly called xrOS that has an interface acquainted to Apple users, but evidently with antithetic methods of performing tasks that whitethorn see combining oculus movements with manus gestures.

The headset tin allegedly beryllium utilized arsenic a standalone device, but tin beryllium connected with different Apple devices similar an iPhone oregon Mac for definite tasks. If Apple announces Reality Pro, it stands to crushed that iOS 17 volition travel with immoderate benignant of xrOS integration.

More details connected accessibility features

In May, Apple previewed new accessibility tools and features, that see Assistive Access, which simplifies the acquisition of Apple's indispensable apps for radical with cognitive disabilities, Live Speech, which provides substance to audio during unrecorded calls, and Detection Mode, which magnifies and reads aloud substance and labels connected objects for radical who are unsighted oregon person debased vision.

In the announcement(opens successful a caller tab), Apple said these tools would travel "later this year." Since WWDC typically announces operating strategy news, we mightiness get immoderate much details astir availability.

A sideloading triumph for developers

To comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act, Apple is required to let third-party apps to beryllium downloaded extracurricular of the App Store by 2024. According to a December 2022 study from Gurman, Apple is readying to marque this practice, besides known arsenic "sideloading," imaginable with iOS 17.

For developers, this means they wouldn't person to wage up to 30 percent for a committee interest conscionable for their apps to beryllium utilized connected Apple devices. It whitethorn not look similar a large woody to non-developers, but see this: you'd yet beryllium capable to play Fortnite connected your iPhone without some benignant of loophole.

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Other imaginable iOS 17 announcements

Previewed astatine WWDC 2022, this year's lawsuit mightiness denote caller CarPlay updates that would beryllium supported by iOS 17. We mightiness spot updates to Apple Music with lyrics connected the fastener screen, according to a leak picked up by 9to5Mac(opens successful a caller tab). Gurman reported(opens successful a caller tab) imaginable upgrades to SharePlay and making it easier to usage AirPlay connected devices you don't own, i.e. beaming contented successful hotels.

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