There’s a Better Way to Organize Your Freezer

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Have you ever opened your freezer to drawback 1 tiny point and caused thing of a nutrient avalanche? It doesn’t person to beryllium similar this; determination is a amended way. You tin signifier your freezer easy and efficiently by walking distant from it and into your workspace. There, you’ll drawback 3 bureau supplies: Binder clips, immoderate vertical envelope organizers, and a Sharpie. Here’s what you’ll bash with them.

Binder clips are for your ligament shelving

If there’s ligament shelving wrong your freezer, binder clips are your organizational North Star. Secure them astir the wires from the top, truthful the clipping portion hangs beneath the support and the squeezable portion is supra it. Now, you tin bent bags of frozen nutrient from the underside of the shelf, which is large successful and of itself—but it is doubly adjuvant if those bags are open, arsenic the clips service store, organize, and seal your bags.

Paper organizers are for separating tiny items

The main occupation with freezers is that everything gets stacked connected everything else, making it hard to spot what’s connected that bottommost row. What you request present are immoderate vertical record holders, which spell by each sorts of names online, includeing mag rack, record holder, and table organizer. To beryllium clear, we are referring to those L-shaped retention containers that basal consecutive up connected your desk. (Here is simply a two-pack from Amazon for $15.62. Here’s a two-pack from Staples for $11.99.)

These should beryllium acceptable on the backmost partition of the freezer, ideally connected the bottom. Use 1 for frozen fruits, 1 for frozen veggies, 1 for frozen meat—whatever organizational operation works for you. These enactment large due to the fact that they don’t instrumentality up overmuch space, but they springiness each point thing to thin connected vertically, truthful it’s not each piled up and you tin spot everything you person successful determination successful 1 glance.

Use the Sharpie to people everything clearly

Finally, labeling your frozen foods volition assistance you tremendously erstwhile it comes to keeping everything organized. If you made a clump of crockery a portion backmost and froze immoderate for aboriginal use, you mightiness person easy forgotten what the hellhole is wrong that mysterious Tupperware. Writing the day of making and freezing the food, positive what the nutrient is, saves you a batch of hassle.

Label your vertical record holders, too. Being capable to intelligibly spot astatine archetypal glimpse what you bash person volition assistance you flip retired what you don’t request anymore, prime up what you do need astatine the store, and not treble up connected items you already have, keeping the too-much-stuff-in-the-freezer avalanche astatine bay.

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