This Is Probably The Only Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia You’ll Be Able To Afford

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Now that conveyance auction prices person started to calm down a bit, determination are a fewer gems to beryllium recovered connected auction sites similar Bring a Trailer. Take this peculiar looking Porsche Cayenne currently listed connected Cars & Bids.

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At archetypal glimpse you mightiness deliberation that it’s 1 of the uncommon Cayenne Transsyberias. If you’re unfamiliar, the Cayenne Transsyberia was a peculiar variation mentation of the archetypal procreation Cayenne. Made to commemorate Porsche’s triumph successful the 4,000+ mile rally, 285 were primitively built. Of course, this being Porsche, it had to marque a thoroughfare mentation for customers.

2010 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia

2010 Porsche Cayenne S TranssyberiaImage: Porsche

Porsche planned worldwide constricted production, each based connected the Cayenne S. Production versions of the Transsyberia looked precisely similar their rallying counterparts, but the differences were underneath. They came with a shorter axle ratio and an aerial suspension with Porsche Active Suspension Management that gave it 10 inches of crushed clearance astatine its highest level.

Visually, nary substance the exterior oregon interior colour you chose, immoderate models received orangish accents connected places similar the dash, wheels and little assemblage panels. Just 600 were made, 285 of which were for North America. Of those, conscionable 102 came to the U.S., portion Canada received 17; 3 of those were manuals.

Image for nonfiction  titled This Is Probably The Only Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia You’ll Be Able To Afford

Image: Cars & Bids

This illustration isn’t that special. What you spot present is simply a 2005 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Transsyberia Tribute. It started beingness arsenic a Cayenne Turbo, which isn’t a atrocious happening with that 450 hp twin-turbo V8 nether the hood. The proprietor past went and added immoderate chill exterior “Transsyberia” graphics connected the little assemblage panels, on with orangish wheels (stock) arsenic good arsenic orangish reflector caps. Inside, it’s a modular mid-2000s Cayenne with a Havanna/Sand Beige interior. The existent goodies are the aftermarket adhd ons.

Image for nonfiction  titled This Is Probably The Only Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia You’ll Be Able To Afford

Image: Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids notes that a partial database of mods was provided by the owner. This includes RoadOne Cavalry 275/55 mud-terrain tires, a beforehand bumper mounted camera, a 13,000 lb winch with synthetic rope, a three-inch assistance kit and a one-inch subframe driblet kit, and a rear tyre equine thats been welded to a bumper reinforcement sheet arsenic good arsenic chopped successful the rear bumper to marque country for the mount. There’s besides a secondary artillery successful the rear cargo area. It’s besides not without flaws, immoderate of which whitethorn scare distant immoderate buyers.

The CarFax report shows a insignificant fender bender successful 2016, different successful 2019 and a 3rd successful ‘22 that resulted successful insignificant harm to the front. There’s a spot of corrosion connected immoderate of the underbody, and past there’s the engine. That 450 hp starts to look a batch little charismatic erstwhile there’s a “Service Now” informing airy connected the dash on with an odometer that reads conscionable implicit 179,000 miles.

If that’s not going to frighten you off, it’s presently listed for a cheap. By the clip this station goes up, the auction volition astir apt beryllium over. But arsenic of this penning the existent bid sits astatine $6,500 with nary reserve.

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