Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in April - From Upcycled Fruit Skincare to Undetectable Body Sunscreens (

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The April 2023 cosmetics round-up features products that are sustainable, nourishing, and ethical.

My Skin Feels, for instance, repurposes olive oil, ketchup, and mandarin foodstuff arsenic skincare formulas that are antioxidant-rich and impactful. Elsewhere, brands similar Viori curb integrative discarded by creating quality and haircare products successful coagulated format, eliminating the request for further packaging.

Lush besides stands retired successful the April 2023 cosmetics round-up with its Land Defenders, Water Protectors campaign. Launched successful concern with Indigenous Peoples Rights International (IPRI) and The Blue Planet Project (BPP), the inaugural is acquisition astir the clime situation and features a limited-edition Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb. 100% of the acquisition goes toward supporting Indigenous communities and activism.

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