Top 100 Fashion Trends in April - From Chunky 90s-Style Sneakers to Modern Leather Laptop Sleeves (

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The April 2023 manner round-up features it all—from modern tech accessories and stylish covering collections to impactful quality products and performance-driven footwear.

An eye-catching and attention-peaking footwear plan comes from KEEN. The WK400 exemplary features the all-new, patent-pending KEEN.CURVE Technology which contributes to the walking experience, making it much enjoyable and supported. This is successful enactment with the caller merchandise from waterproof jewelry marque Hey Harper who dove into the athleisure space, launching a capsule of activewear perfect for high-intensity grooming and airy activity.

In presumption of runway debuts, the April 2023 manner round-up features Filippa K's Autumn/Fall 2023 scope which takes inspirational cues from 1970s skis civilization and Werner Herzog's 1974 documentary The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver.

Finally, & Other Stories has released a Ramadan-inspired postulation of ready-to-wear, jewelry, shoes, and bags.

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