Top 100 Food Trends in April - From Seasonal Lemon Cereals to Divisive Herb Pizzas (

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Spring has officially sprung, and arsenic the 2023 April nutrient trends suggest, classical outpouring flavors are backmost successful a large way.

Berries – possibly the astir classical outpouring spirit of them each – are a prima constituent this period with galore brands leaning into blueberry and raspberry flavors. For instance, Royal Hollandia conscionable debuted a lineup of premium outpouring cheeses, which includes a fruity caller Very Berry Goat option. And implicit astatine Trader Joe's, 1 of this month's featured products is the caller Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies, which connection the delicious sensation of caller blueberries successful the signifier of a flaky turnover.

Of course, berries are not the lone outpouring spirit successful the spotlight. As the 2023 April nutrient trends suggest, citrus is besides successful precocious demand. And with seasonal products similar Frosted Lemon Cheerios and GOOD GOOD's caller Vegan Lemon Curd, determination are plentifulness of ways for consumers to get their citrus fix.

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