Top Interview Questions & Salary Trends for Javascript Developers in 2023

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by Kelsey Arrington connected Mar 20, 2023

When it comes to programming languages, Javascript is 1 that is integral to modern web development. So, it’s nary astonishment that galore companies question to prosecute Javascript developers to articulation their teams. And whether you are a elder Javascript developer oregon idiosyncratic who is conscionable starting out, it is imperative that you are prepared for the interrogation process and that you person a wide knowing of the wage you tin expect for this role. In this article, we’ll research conscionable that! Below, you volition find common interrogation questions that you whitethorn tally into arsenic a Javascript developer, a database of skills employers are seeking, and insights into the current wage trends for folks successful this field. By the clip you’re done reading, you volition person gained a amended knowing of what to expect during the hiring process and however to navigate wage offers erstwhile you ace your interviews. Keep scrolling!

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Frequently Asked Interview Questions for Javascript Developers

  1. Can you explicate the differences betwixt var, let, and const keywords successful Javascript? Please supply examples
  2. What is the quality betwixt undefined and null successful Javascript? What is the process for checking these values?
  3. Can you explicate what an lawsuit loop is? What is its significance?
  4. Name immoderate communal plan patterns successful Javascript and explicate however they could beryllium used.
  5. Do you cognize the quality betwixt asynchronous and synchronous codification execution? Can you supply an illustration of each?
  6. How bash you usage closures successful Javascript?
  7. Explain however you would grip asynchronous codification successful Javascript. Provide an illustration of however to usage async/await.
  8. What is simply a committedness successful Javascript?
  9. Can you explicate what a callback is?
  10. Can you database immoderate of the caller features successful the latest mentation of Javascript? Are you comfy utilizing immoderate of these caller features?
  11. Explain the quality betwixt Typescript and Javascript. What factors would find which 1 to usage for a project?
  12. Provide an illustration of a show contented 1 mightiness acquisition portion moving successful Javascript and however they could enactment to resoluteness it.
  13. What is the quality betwixt the papers entity exemplary (DOM) and the virtual DOM successful Javascript frameworks? Please supply an illustration of a model that uses the papers entity model. 
  14. What is your acquisition handling errors successful a Javascript application?
  15. Explain your workflow and however you would attack optimizing a Javascript application. 

“You shoud ideate variables arsenic tentacles, alternatively than boxes. They bash not incorporate values; they grasp them – 2 variables tin notation to the aforesaid value.”

– Marijn Haverbeke, writer of Eloquent Javascript: A Modern Introduction to Programming 

Skills Employers Want successful a Javascript Developer

When hiring Javascript developers, employers question candidates with a assortment of skills. After all, Javascript is simply a halfway programming connection and galore applications are built utilizing it. So, it’s imperative that candidates person the skills needed to tackle pugnacious Javascript jobs.

Some of those skills tin see the following:

  • In-depth knowing of Javascript concepts including variables, functions, loops, objects, and power structures. 
  • Knowledge of asynchronous programming concepts specified arsenic callback and promises
  • Proficient cognition of HTML, CSS, and other front-end development technologies
  • Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues and however to resoluteness them
  • Up-to-date front-end show optimization strategies and techniques
  • Ability to lick analyzable problems and deliberation of innovative solutions
  • Superb connection skills and quality to enactment good with others successful a squad environment
  • Troubleshooting skills and quality to debug applications
  • Proficient cognition of server-side programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Node.js
  • In-depth cognition of information structures and algorithms
  • Experience moving with Javascript frameworks similar React, Vue.js, and jQuery

“Truth tin lone beryllium recovered successful 1 place: the code.”

– Robert C. Martin, American Software Engineer

We cognize what you’re wondering…how overmuch does the mean Javascript developer marque successful the US these days? Well, similar astir tech manufacture jobs, that volition alteration depending connected a fewer cardinal factors. However, according to PayScale, the mean wage for Javascript developers is around $89,000 per year

Other resources specified as report an mean wage of much than $108,000 and a salary scope of $98,000 to $120,000 depending connected the years of experience, skills, education, and different qualifications a campaigner has. 

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Three further factors that whitethorn power wage trends include:

  • Company Size
    • Big companies thin to person much flexible budgets erstwhile it comes to hiring developers. So, a ample corp whitethorn beryllium capable to connection a much competitory wage than a startup, for instance. However, don’t fto that deter you from applying to tiny organizations. After all, budgets alteration from concern to concern and they conscionable whitethorn beryllium capable to conscionable your wage expectations. 
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Across industries, we are seeking an accrued request for developers who are acquainted with the precocious technologies that are emerging each day, including blockchain, instrumentality learning, and AI
  • Remote Work
    • Virtual oregon distant enactment is inactive connected the rise. As a result, wage trends for tech jobs whitethorn beryllium impacted. In a nutshell, this means that web improvement professionals who don’t mind working remotely may find opportunities that connection competitory salaries and worker perks. 

It is besides worthy noting that wage accusation volition alteration depending connected the assets being cited. Even successful the info provided above, you’ll announcement antithetic numbers being reported crossed sites. So, it’s imperative that you bash your owed diligence erstwhile it comes to figuring retired wage expectations. Look up a assortment of resources, reappraisal your enactment experience, and support outer factors successful mind. 

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