Trans Kidney Health Ads - Africa Creative's Ad Sheds Light on Trans Community's Kidney Health Burden (

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Africa Creative, a Brazilian agency, launched a run to rise consciousness of the dangerous, often fatal, kidney diseases that disproportionately afflict trans women successful Brazil. Due to the prevalent unit against the trans community, galore members conceal their genitals to debar being targeted, starring to the usage of damaging practices specified arsenic portion and superglue. The run showcased Truccs, a lingerie marque specially designed for the trans community, arsenic a healthier and safer alternate to conceal the genital area.

Dr. Thiago Caetano, a urologist specializing successful sex reassignment and who supported the project, advocates for Truccs arsenic a solution to urinary problems and infections. Africa besides launched a legislative measure proposing the escaped organisation of Truccs done the Unified Health System to amended accessibility and trim fatalities related to kidney disease. The run received enactment from thousands of influencers and shocked a blimpish assemblage with its delicate content.

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