Transforming Robot Restaurants - Transformers: The Ark Provides Immersive Dining Experiences (

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Transformers: The Ark is simply a caller eating destination for fans of Transformers and the world's archetypal Transformers-themed restaurant. This edifice was created by A La Carte Hong Kong Limited successful collaboration with Hasbro and it shares an immersive acquisition based connected The Ark, the ample spaceship utilized by the Autobots successful the Transformers series.

Transformers: The Ark is not conscionable the world's archetypal Transformers-themed restaurant, it's besides the archetypal edifice successful Hong Kong to integrate 3D media contented that tin beryllium seen with the bare oculus into carnal architecture. This edifice welcomes diners with a 3D spaceship motor and large-scale LED screens astatine its entrance.

Some of the paper items see the Black Truffle Angus Burger, Fried Chicken and the Blue Space vigor drink.

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