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Trello vs Pipedrive (2024): What Are The Main Differences? - Technology News

Trello vs Pipedrive (2024): What Are The Main Differences?

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Both Trello and Pipedrive usage a Kanban committee arsenic the instauration of their plan interface, but the similarities extremity there. That’s due to the fact that Trello is designed arsenic a elemental task absorption platform, whereas Pipedrive is simply a CRM instrumentality designed for income teams. In this usher we comparison Trello vs. Pipedrive to assistance you determine which level is simply a amended acceptable for your needs—or if you request both.

Trello vs. Pipedrive: Comparison table

Starting terms (billed annually)$5 per idiosyncratic per month$14 per idiosyncratic per month
Forever escaped planYesNo
Project template libraryYesNo
Built-in CRMNoYes
Lead and email importNoYes

Trello vs. Pipedrive: Pricing

Both Trello and Pipedrive connection 5 pricing plans to take from. Trello offers a everlastingly escaped program and a 14-day escaped proceedings for the Premium plan. Pipedrive provides a 14-day escaped proceedings for each of its 5 pricing plans, but a everlastingly escaped program is not available. Pipedrive is much costly than Trello, but it’s not truly a just examination since they’re 2 antithetic kinds of software. Trello is 1 of the much affordable task absorption platforms, portion Pipedrive is comparatively affordable compared to different CRMs.

Trello pricing

  • Free: Includes unlimited cards and up to 10 boards per Workspace.
  • Standard: $5 per idiosyncratic per month, billed annually, oregon $6 per idiosyncratic billed monthly.
  • Premium: $10 per idiosyncratic per month, billed annually, oregon $12.50 per idiosyncratic billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: Between $7.38 and $17.50 per idiosyncratic per period billed annually, depending connected the fig of users. Teams with much than 5,000 users tin interaction Atlassian for customized pricing.

For much information, spot our in-depth Trello review and cheque retired our list of Trello alternatives.

Pipedrive pricing*

  • Essential: $14 per idiosyncratic per period billed annually, oregon $24 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly.
  • Advanced: $29 per idiosyncratic per period billed annually, oregon $39 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly.
  • Professional: $49 per idiosyncratic per period billed annually, oregon $64 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly.
  • Power: $64 per idiosyncratic per month, billed annually, oregon $79 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: $99 per idiosyncratic per period billed annually, oregon $129 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly.

* Pipedrive has 3 antithetic pricing tiers, based connected country. This pricing reflects what I see, based connected U.S. pricing.

For much information, spot our in-depth Pipedrive review and our Pipedrive vs. Hubspot comparison.

Trello vs. Pipedrive: Feature comparison

Project views and templates

Both Trello and Pipedrive are known for their casual and intuitive Kanban committee interfaces, which is 1 of the lone similarities betwixt the platforms. In Pipedrive, I could power betwixt the Kanban committee presumption (called the Pipeline view, Figure A) and the database view, which looks a spot similar a spreadsheet grid. There’s besides a forecast presumption that shows imaginable upcoming sales.

The default Pipeline presumption    successful  Pipedrive.The default Pipeline presumption successful Pipedrive. Image: Pipedrive

Trello offers much task views to take from, including Calendar, Timeline, Table, Dashboard and Map. However, you indispensable upgrade to astatine slightest the Premium program successful bid to get these further views successful Trello — escaped and Standard accounts lone get entree to the Kanban board, which is simply a spot of a drawback.

Pipedrive doesn’t connection a template room that you tin explore, though it does let you to make your ain task template from scratch and prevention it for aboriginal use. In contrast, Trello offers dozens of committee templates you tin use, including aforesaid sales-specific templates (Figure B). Because of its greater scope of task views and templates, I’d urge Trello for teams extracurricular of sales.

The authoritative  Trello income  pipeline template.The authoritative Trello income pipeline template. Image: Trello

Project management

Trello offers elemental task and task absorption features that are casual for idiosyncratic and tiny teams to master, adjacent if they’ve ne'er utilized a task absorption instrumentality before. Trello’s capabilities aren’t arsenic precocious arsenic immoderate of its competitors, specified arsenic Microsoft Project oregon monday.com, which connection features similar fund and workload management. However, that besides means that the learning curve is simply a batch little for Trello.

In Trello, I had nary occupation adding cards for each task and sorting them into assorted columns. I could adhd a checklist of subtasks to each paper (Figure C), acceptable a owed date, connect files and links, adhd antithetic colored labels and delegate tasks to myself oregon idiosyncratic else. Once I had created the cards, moving them betwixt antithetic columns was a snap. Paid accounts get entree to further task absorption features specified arsenic precocious checklists and customized fields.

A close-up of a paper  with subtasks successful  Trello.A close-up of a paper with subtasks successful Trello. Image: Trello

While it’s chiefly a CRM, Pipedrive does connection constricted task absorption capabilities done a diagnostic called Projects. Projects is simply a paid add-on for the Essential, Advanced, and Professional plans, portion it’s automatically included successful the Power and Enterprise plans. If you determine to add-on this feature, it volition outgo $6.70 per idiosyncratic per period billed annually oregon $8 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly.

You tin technically usage Projects for immoderate benignant of task oregon task management, but erstwhile I began investigating this feature, it became wide that it was designed specifically for income teams. I was capable to adhd tasks and subtasks arsenic good arsenic circumstantial activities communal to income teams, specified arsenic lunches and telephone calls (Figure D). All tasks and activities tin beryllium grouped by either the 5 main phases of the income process oregon by person, organization, oregon deal. There are besides dedicated tabs wherever I could upload files, adhd notes, nexus emails, and nonstop and person documents.

Pipedrive Projects lets users docket   income  activities.Pipedrive Projects lets users docket income activities. Image: Pipedrive

I tin spot however Pipedrive’s Projects features are adjuvant for income teams who privation to support everything centralized successful 1 CRM, but its absorption connected income makes it little utile for different types of teams. After investigating some platforms, I find Trello to beryllium the much flexible and affordable enactment for non-sales teams looking for a existent task absorption bundle solution.

Lead management

Lead absorption is wherever Pipedrive truly outshines Trello. Pipedrive has galore CRM features built with income teams successful mind. Leads tin beryllium imported from the unrecorded chat, chatbot, oregon the included web forms. Contacts are centralized successful 1 database (Figure E) and tin beryllium attached to income tasks oregon activities specified arsenic scheduling a lunch. You tin besides nexus your email accounts to Pipedrive to support everything synced up. There’s besides a dashboard that highlights sales-specific metrics specified arsenic pb conversion and mean woody value.

Pipedrive volition  amusement   each  the interactions you’ve had with each   contact.Pipedrive volition amusement each the interactions you’ve had with each contact. Image: Pipedrive

While Trello does connection immoderate income templates, it lacks the robust built-in income features that Pipedrive provides. For instance, determination are nary modules for interaction absorption oregon pb nurturing. You tin link third-party income tools to Trello utilizing integrations and power-ups, but its autochthonal features truly can’t replicate a CRM similar Pipedrive.

Trello pros and cons

Pros of Trello

  • Intuitive Kanban boards.
  • Low learning curve and beginner-friendly.
  • Forever escaped plan.
  • Affordable pricing plans.

Cons of Trello

  • Must upgrade to Premium program for further task views.
  • Lacks precocious task absorption features.
  • No CRM capabilities.

Pipedrive pros and cons

Pros of Pipedrive

  • Sales pipeline Kanban committee interface.
  • Multiple pricing plans means higher scalability.
  • Import leads done chat and web forms.
  • Sync emails straight into Pipedrive.

Cons of Pipedrive

  • No everlastingly escaped plan.
  • Project absorption is simply a paid add-on for astir plans.
  • Not suitable for non-sales teams.

Should your enactment usage Trello oregon Pipedrive?

Choose Trello if . . .

  • You privation intuitive, flexible Kanban boards.
  • You privation elemental task absorption bundle for antithetic kinds of teams.
  • You don’t request ace precocious task absorption features.
  • You request a everlastingly escaped program option.
  • You privation a ample room of templates to take from.

Choose Pipedrive if . . .

  • You are portion of a income squad looking for a CRM.
  • You request to beryllium capable to import leads easily.
  • You don’t request general-purpose task absorption software.
  • You request to beryllium capable to sync your emails into your CRM.
  • You privation interaction and pb absorption tools.


To comparison Trello vs. Pipedrive, I signed up for escaped trials of some bundle successful summation to reviewing merchandise documentation, watching demo videos and consulting our adept merchandise ranking scores. I prioritized income and task absorption features during the penning of this review. I besides considered different factors specified arsenic pricing, lawsuit service, automations and integrations.

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