TurboTax Review (2024): Products, Features and Pricing Plans

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Discover whether oregon not TurboTax offers genuinely escaped taxation bundle and determine if this taxation bundle is the close prime for your needs.

TurboTax’s accelerated facts

Starting price: $89
Key features:
  • Q&A-based interface.
  • Intuitive design.
  • On-demand adept advice.
  • Audit enactment and defense.

  • TurboTax logo.Image: Intuit

    TurboTax is the astir fashionable taxation filing bundle successful the United States. However, galore radical person been near wondering if TurboTax is inactive the champion prime to record their taxes aft the Federal Trade Commission said that TurboTax engaged successful deceptive advertising, promoting “free” taxation services to consumers that were ineligible for them.

    In this guide, we analyse TurboTax’s pricing plans and interruption down its pros and cons to assistance you determine if TurboTax is the close taxation filing bundle for your needs.

    TurboTax’s pricing

    TurboTax Online offers 5 pricing plans, 3 for individuals and 2 for business taxes.


    This program costs betwixt $0 and $129 to file, depending connected whether oregon not you suffice for a escaped national return. State returns outgo $64 each if you don’t suffice for the escaped version. This program lets you upload taxation documents by snapping photos and besides includes AI-Powered Intuit Assist. Even the escaped program comes with TurboTax’s maximum refund and 100% accuracy guarantees. All of TurboTax’s idiosyncratic pricing plans besides travel with support, including this escaped basal plan.

    Live Assisted

    This program costs betwixt $89 and $219 to record national returns, with $59 oregon $69 for each authorities return. It includes on-demand assistance from taxation experts with an mean of 12 years’ acquisition and a last adept reappraisal earlier you file. You’ll besides get year-round enactment from taxation experts with this plan, successful lawsuit you person questions extracurricular of taxation season.

    Live Full Service

    This program starts astatine $129 to record national returns, with $69 for each authorities return. With this plan, a section taxation adept volition beryllium matched to your concern and volition prepare, motion and record your instrumentality connected your behalf. This program includes some W-2 and 1040 forms.

    Live Assisted Business

    This business taxation software program starts astatine $489 to record a national instrumentality for your business, with $64 for each authorities return. It includes on-demand assistance from taxation experts arsenic good arsenic audit defense. This program is specifically designed for businesses that indispensable record their taxes arsenic an S-corp, Partnership (GP, LP, LLP) oregon Multi-member LLC.

    However, it’s lone disposable successful a constricted fig of states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

    Live Full Service Business

    This program starts astatine $1,169 to record a national instrumentality for your business, with $64 for each authorities return. With this plan, a concern taxation adept volition beryllium matched to your concern and volition prepare, motion and record your instrumentality connected your behalf. Audit defence is besides included successful this plan, which is disposable successful each 50 states.

    TurboTax’s cardinal features

    DIY taxation filing interface

    TurboTax’s bundle interface is good designed and intuitive to navigate, adjacent if you’ve ne'er utilized TurboTax oregon different taxation filing bundle before. The bundle volition locomotion you done the full process measurement by measurement and adjacent springiness you an estimation for however overmuch clip it volition instrumentality for you to record your taxes connected your own. Only a constricted magnitude of accusation and prompts are displayed connected each screen, truthful you won’t get overwhelmed arsenic you enactment done each step.

    First, you’ll enactment successful your idiosyncratic information, specified arsenic your afloat sanction and Social Security number, past you’ll capable retired your national taxation instrumentality utilizing accusation from your W-2 oregon 1099 forms. After you’re finished with the national return, you’ll beryllium prompted to make a authorities return, if applicable. Finally, you’ll reappraisal your national and authorities returns and past taxable them for filing.

    TurboTax interface.Figure A: TurboTax interface. Image: Intuit

    Live Assisted

    If you opt to record your idiosyncratic taxes with Live Assisted, you volition spell done the DIY taxation bundle and capable retired your instrumentality connected your own, but you’ll besides get entree to a squad of on-demand taxation experts, via phone, chat and unrecorded connected screen. This tin beryllium accessed by clicking connected the “Live Assist” fastener successful the precocious right-hand country of the interface.

    When you entree Live Assisted help, you’ll participate immoderate accusation astir your question, past TurboTax volition link you with idiosyncratic who should recognize your circumstantial taxation situation. However, if they aren’t capable to assistance you, past you tin inquire to beryllium transferred to a caller expert.

    You tin stock your TurboTax surface with the taxation expert, but you cannot stock immoderate different taxation documents with them, which tin beryllium rather limiting, depending connected the complexity of your situation. Your idiosyncratic information, specified arsenic your Social Security number, volition besides beryllium obscured truthful the taxation adept can’t spot it erstwhile you stock your in-progress instrumentality with them.

    Tax experts are disposable 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. PT from the January day the IRS starts accepting taxation returns done the April filing deadline. From mid-April done aboriginal January, they’re disposable Monday done Friday from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.

    TurboTax Live Assisted.Figure B: TurboTax Live Assisted. Image: Intuit

    Live Full Service

    With TurboTax’s Live Full Service plans, you’ll beryllium matched with a dedicated taxation expert, who volition bash either your concern oregon idiosyncratic taxes commencement to decorativeness and reappraisal them with you earlier filing. After you’re matched with your taxation expert, they volition stock the hours they’re available. You tin besides scope the different full-service experts astatine the aforesaid lawsuit work hours we outlined supra successful the erstwhile conception if you request assistance erstwhile your assigned adept is unavailable. If your aforesaid taxation adept is available, you tin enactment with them year-round if you wish.

    Note that this work is wholly virtual, arsenic TurboTax does not person carnal bureau locations similar its main rival H&R Block. However, you whitethorn perchance person the enactment to take an autarkic TurboTax Verified Pro, which are autarkic taxation professionals who are vetted by TurboTax and connection the quality to conscionable successful person.

    Audit enactment and defense

    All 3 of TurboTax’s idiosyncratic taxation plans travel with an audit enactment guarantee. With audit support, you get escaped one-on-one guidance successful the lawsuit of an audit. They volition amended you astir what to expect, and however to hole for an audit, but they won’t really correspond you successful beforehand of the IRS. Audit defence is included successful some of the concern plans, and it tin besides beryllium added connected to the idiosyncratic plans for an further fee. With audit defense, you get afloat audit practice by a licensed taxation professional, including practice successful beforehand of the IRS.

    TurboTax audit support.Figure C: TurboTax audit support. Image: Intuit

    TurboTax pros

    • Intuitive plan that’s casual to use.
    • Multiple pricing plans and levels of enactment to take from.
    • On-demand taxation proposal options.
    • Step-by-step questionnaire is elemental to capable out.

    TurboTax cons

    • More costly than different competitors.
    • No in-person enactment available.
    • Live Assisted enactment whitethorn beryllium limited.

    Alternatives to TurboTax

    SoftwareTurboTaxH&R BlockFreeTaxUSATaxAct
    Free national returnsFor elemental returns onlyFor elemental returns onlyAll national returnsLimited to definite states and income levels
    Free authorities returnsLimitedLimitedNoNo
    In-person enactment optionNoYesNoNo
    Starting terms (for national return)$89$55$0$49.99
    Starting terms (for authorities return)$59$49$14.99$39.99
    H&R Block logo.Image: H&R Block

    H&R Block

    H&R Block is the closest rival to TurboTax, offering galore of the aforesaid features. Its pricing plans are much affordable than TurboTax, though. Its escaped program besides has somewhat expanded capabilities, which means much radical whitethorn beryllium capable to record for escaped utilizing H&R Block alternatively of TurboTax. H&R Block besides has carnal offices passim the United States, truthful you tin conscionable with a taxation adept successful idiosyncratic if you similar that to virtual.


    FreeTaxUSA logo.Image: FreeTaxUSA

    If TurboTax’s pricing is excessively steep for you, past FreeTaxUSA is 1 of the astir affordable TurboTax alternatives. Its sanction is simply a spot misleading due to the fact that it isn’t 100% free: FreeTaxUSA charges $0 for a national instrumentality but $14.99 for each authorities return. It besides offers aggregate paid add-ons, specified arsenic deluxe oregon pro enactment and audit defense, but these are each optional.

    One of the champion things astir FreeTaxUSA is that it doesn’t acceptable an income bounds for a escaped national return, which TurboTax does — meaning everyone gets to record a escaped national taxation instrumentality with FreeTaxUSA, careless of however overmuch wealth they made the erstwhile year.


    TaxAct logo.Image: TaxAct

    TaxAct is different alternate to TurboTax that offers galore online and offline bundle options to take from. In summation to antithetic plans for idiosyncratic taxation returns, it besides offers bundle pricing for different concern structures, specified arsenic partnerships and S corporations, which whitethorn beryllium appealing to small-business owners. Live taxation proposal tin beryllium added to immoderate pricing plan, including the escaped plan, for $39.99. TaxAct besides guarantees a bigger refund than immoderate different taxation bundle presently connected the market.

    Review methodology

    To reappraisal TurboTax, we signed up for the escaped mentation of its taxation software. We besides consulted idiosyncratic reviews and merchandise documentation during the penning of this review. We weighed factors specified arsenic pricing, adept advice, unrecorded assistance and idiosyncratic interface plan erstwhile evaluating TurboTax.


    Is TurboTax really good?

    TurboTax online is precise good designed and casual to use, and the interface is intuitive to navigate. The questionnaire-based, step-by-step usher besides simplifies the DIY taxation filing process.

    Is it amended to bargain TurboTax oregon usage it online?

    The desktop mentation of TurboTax is typically cheaper than TurboTax online. However, not each machine and operating strategy supports TurboTax desktop. The desktop mentation is besides updated little often than the online version, truthful it whitethorn consciousness much clunky and little intuitive.

    Is TurboTax worthy it?

    While TurboTax is 1 of the much costly taxation bundle available, it’s besides highly intuitive and casual to usage and comes with aggregate enactment options. For this reason, galore taxpayers inactive find that TurboTax is worthy the terms tag — but determination are plentifulness of much affordable TurboTax competitors if you privation to research different options.

    What is the occupation with TurboTax?

    The Federal Trade Commission issued an sentiment that TurboTax antecedently engaged successful deceptive advertising, promoting “free” taxation services to consumers that were ineligible for it. TurboTax made it look arsenic if each oregon astir consumers were eligible to record escaped national and authorities returns, erstwhile successful actuality lone a tiny number of radical suffice for the escaped version.

    Which is better, TurboTax oregon H&R Block?

    H&R Block is TurboTax’s closest competitor, but it offers respective advantages implicit TurboTax, including cheaper pricing plans and the enactment to get in-person assistance astatine an H&R Block office.

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