Uefa wait before deciding on Mourinho action

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Roma manager   Jose Mourinho (left) and referee Anthony Taylor (right)Mourinho was booked by Taylor during Roma's decision by Sevilla

Uefa volition hold for reports from lucifer officials and delegates earlier deciding whether to instrumentality enactment against Roma manager Jose Mourinho for his foul-mouthed rant astatine referee Anthony Taylor aft the Europa League final.

Mourinho criticised Taylor successful his quality league aft Roma's punishment shootout decision by Sevilla successful Budapest connected Thursday.

He was aboriginal captured connected movie successful a car parkland nether the stadium ranting and making pointed comments arsenic Taylor and officials were boarding a mini bus.

Mourinho repeatedly swore and doubly shouted astir a "disgrace" earlier switching to Italian.

Uefa's main refereeing serviceman Roberto Rosetti attempted to calm the concern down.

Mourinho was booked during an ill-tempered game, with Taylor repeatedly called to the benches to instrumentality enactment arsenic 4th authoritative Michael Oliver struggled to support control.

Taylor issued yellowish cards to 13 players, the astir bookings successful a Europa League game.

Seven of them were to Roma players, a grounds for a final.

Delays and injuries saw much than 25 minutes of wounded clip played crossed the 4 halves of the game, which went to other clip with the teams level astatine 1-1 aft mean time.

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