UK cosmetic procedure numbers recover after Covid

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Private cosmetic procedures are connected the up according to BAAPS

By Annabel Rackham

BBC News

The fig of cosmetic procedures taking spot successful the UK has continued to summation pursuing the pandemic, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Breast enlargement remains the astir fashionable country for women, but the fig of bosom reductions is besides connected the rise.

Women underwent 93% of each recorded cosmetic procedures, BAAPS says.

Anyone reasoning astir country should see the risks earlier deciding.

BAAPS is an organisation that looks astatine improving information and innovation successful cosmetic surgery.

Its president Marc Pacifico says "economic uncertainty and a alteration successful wide user spending does not look to the deterring patients from having cosmetic surgery".

The BAAPS yearly audit looks astatine country undertaken successful the UK - mostly astatine backstage clinics - truthful does not bespeak the increasing fig of radical going overseas for cosmetic procedures.

The NHS has offered advice for those considering travelling to different state for surgery.

Most communal cosmetic procedures successful 2022

  • Breast enlargement: 6,640
  • Breast reduction: 5,270
  • Tummy tucks: 3,241
  • Liposuction: 2,669
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery): 2,439
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job): 388
  • Chest Reduction: 343
  • Blepharoplasty: 339
  • Liposuction: 333
  • Otoplasty (ear correction): 251

BAAPS says 31,057 procedures took spot successful 2022, which is simply a 102% emergence from 2021 erstwhile determination were 15,405 done.

Private cosmetic procedures were not permitted during immoderate of the coronavirus lockdowns.

In 2019 - earlier the pandemic deed - BAAPS reported a full fig of 28,347 surgeries taking place.

Image source, Chrissi Sainsbury

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Chrissi pictured earlier her bosom simplification country successful 2022

Chrissi Sainsbury, 43, decided to person a bosom simplification past twelvemonth aft a lung scan revealed she had a lump connected her breast.

A mammogram showed it was non-cancerous, but owed to the magnitude of bosom insubstantial she had, she said she "would person ne'er recovered it".

Chrissi described the incidental arsenic a "wake-up call".

"It was ne'er a vanity happening for me," she told the BBC.

Chrissi had the country privately successful November 2022, going from a bra size 34HH to a 34D.

According to BAAPS, bosom simplification has grown importantly successful popularity year-on-year.

It recorded 3,743 bosom reductions successful women successful 2018. In 2022, that fig accrued to 5,270 - a 40% rise.

The process is designed to assistance women unhappy with the shape, value oregon droop of their breasts by making them smaller and much lifted.

There is an eligibility checklist utilized by NHS, but galore women are opting to wage privately for the procedure.

Chrissi says: "Before the surgery, things similar drying my hairsbreadth would beryllium truthful difficult.

"Anything that progressive lifting my arms supra my caput was conscionable incredibly hard.

"Things similar the gym - I perfectly could not run, adjacent with a due fitted sports bra - it was similar having a monolithic sandbag connected your front."

Chrissi says she nary longer struggles with enarthrosis and cervix symptom oregon shortness of enactment - thing she dealt with perpetually earlier her surgery.

"I tin present relation truthful overmuch better," she adds.

The NHS advises it is important to probe the surgeon and session you person chosen earlier committing to immoderate treatment.

You should besides beryllium offered a cooling-off play aft immoderate consultation.

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