UKG Pro Review (2024): Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

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This precocious yet user-friendly level is beautiful, but beginners and those with inflexible budgets volition struggle.

UKG Pro’s accelerated facts

Starting price: Undisclosed
Key features:
  • Rich, AI-powered analytics.
  • Comprehensive interface.
  • Support for implicit 160 countries.

UKG Pro is simply a cleanable lucifer if you request quality assets and payroll powerfulness coupled with a user-friendly interface. The platform, formerly known arsenic Ultipro, packages everything from planetary payroll successful implicit 160 countries to cutting-edge artificial quality from Google.

The precocious offering is champion for midsize to ample businesses. Smaller entities volition apt consciousness overwhelmed. And you’ll request a flexible fund since pricing is unclear.

Let’s unbox this analyzable strategy to spot if it’s suitable for your organization.

UKG Pro’s pricing

As mentioned above, the rubric does not connection transparent pricing. You’ll person to enactment with a income cause to customize the close solution for your business. This added measurement tin marque it challenging to guarantee you’re getting the aforesaid pricing arsenic akin users, but it isn’t unique. ADP, Workday and Paychex likewise conceal their costs.

Unconfirmed idiosyncratic feedback puts mean pricing astatine astir $30 per unit subordinate each month. If true, this fig is little than immoderate alternatives. On a monthly basis, Zoho One, a likewise precocious competitor, costs $37 per employee. Justworks charges $59 per idiosyncratic to start. And portion Rippling begins astatine $8 a head, that’s lone for the astir simple, minimal tools. Add-ons tin easy quadruple oregon much that amount.

UKG Pro lacks a escaped trial, but you tin test-drive a elemental demo with a income cause oregon independently.

UKG Pro’s cardinal features

International support

You’re successful luck if your concern operates beyond the United States. That’s due to the fact that UKG Pro supports payroll successful implicit 160 countries. Best of all, you tin negociate each locale from wrong the platform. There is nary request for third-party bundle oregon coordination with outsourced services.

And don’t interest if your administrative unit talk languages different than English. The level is translated into 20 tongues. So, your unit tin comfortably enactment successful their preferred dialect.

Comprehensive functionality

UKG Pro is all-encompassing. The workforce absorption solution includes clip and attendance tracking, permission management, recruiting tools and worker scheduling, among different perks. Compared to competitors similar ADP, UKG Pro is highly customizable and delivers a overmuch much user-friendly experience.

Rich artificial quality capabilities

The rubric is simply a boon for artificial quality lovers. That’s due to the fact that UKG Pro incorporates the exertion broadly crossed its suite.

One marquee diagnostic is UKG Bryte, an AI-powered adjunct that tin make insights and recommendations for improving your workplace. The instrumentality draws from its cognition of champion practices gained from organizations similar Great Place To Work. As a result, you tin expect time-tested, information science-backed suggestions.

Moreover, UKG incorporates Google’s VertexAI exertion for day-to-day tasks. This operation means you tin usage instrumentality learning to automatically make worker schedules, analyse reports, writer unit surveys and more.

Employee engagement perks

UKG Pro delivers a instrumentality called UKG Talk that’s meant to vie with nonrecreational chat apps similar Slack and Microsoft Teams. It provides a amusive conveyance for connection and collaboration and functions likewise to societal media platforms, allowing workers to presumption enactment feeds, station successful groups and nonstop nonstop messages to coworkers. This in-house offering is convenient and reduces the fig of tools you request to bash your work.

Advanced analytics and reporting

The platform’s precocious analytics and reporting capabilities are rather impressive. UKG Pro delivers deeper insights than galore competitors, similar Workday, by offering elaborate analytics connected workforce trends, show metrics, compliance risks and more. Colorful charts and graphs are spilled crossed each page. Moreover, you tin pat into the Workforce Management Data Hub to analyse quality gathered from the company’s clients and different reputable sources.

Employee self-service portal

UKG Pro’s worker self-service portal stands retired for its user-friendly interface and broad functionality. Workers tin easy entree their wage stubs, petition clip off, update idiosyncratic accusation and enroll successful benefits. This diagnostic is much intuitive than platforms similar SAP SuccessFactors, which tin boost unit morale.

UKG Pro pros

  • Comprehensive HR and payroll suite.
  • Highly customizable and scalable.
  • Advanced analytics and AI features.
  • Beautiful, user-friendly interface.

UKG Pro cons

  • No transparent pricing.
  • Not suitable for smaller entities.
  • Requires immoderate method knowledge.
  • Limited acquisition resources.

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