Umar Gul identifies key factors affecting Shaheen Afridi in death overs

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Ever since Shaheen made his comeback successful planetary cricket, it seems similar helium isn't capable to travel his ain grim shadiness astatine death

Umar Gul identifies cardinal  factors affecting Shaheen Afridi successful  decease  overs PHOTO: FILE

Pakistan left-arm pacer, Shaheen Shah Afridi, has not been arsenic overmuch effectual successful decease overs lately. Quite a fewer times, helium has been proven to beryllium costly successful the second overs of the game, which has raised concerns.

Umar Gul, portion talking to Cricket Pakistan, stated that determination could beryllium antithetic factors down this lag, but Shaheen is surely moving connected improvising successful this peculiar facet of the game.

"There are 2 reasons down this. One is that he's been playing T20Is consistently for a precise agelong clip now. Secondly, successful lone 4 overs, determination are comparatively reduced chances for the shot to beryllium reversed successful the second overs. The mode helium handles the caller shot and efficiently picks up wickets augments the team's hopes for him. He builds the instauration that helps different bowlers arsenic well. But yes, helium needs to enactment hard successful the decease overs and summation his absorption successful that area. There is ever country for improvement, truthful helium should enactment connected delivering arsenic bully spells with the aged shot arsenic helium does with the caller ball," Gul said.

The 40-year-old reinstated that Shaheen's wounded mightiness beryllium a causative factor; however, helium is moving to beryllium arsenic bully successful the opening arsenic good arsenic astatine decease overs.

"Shaheen besides made a comeback aft wounded and played this bid against New Zealand, truthful that tin beryllium a origin too. I anticipation helium remains acceptable for the Asia Cup due to the fact that helium is our main bowler. I had a treatment with him regarding this concern, and helium does recognize that his absorption should beryllium moving some connected the caller and aged ball. The interest is valid; helium indispensable beryllium moving connected his decease implicit capacity,' helium further added.

Gul precocious served arsenic Pakistan’s interim bowling manager for Afghanistan and New Zealand bid owed to the unavailability of Morne Morkel, who was occupied with IPL duties.

Speculations are that Gul volition beryllium replaced sooner oregon aboriginal with erstwhile South African cricketer, nether Pakistan squad director, Mickey Arthur's revised coaching setup.

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