Unsubstantiated Rumor Claims Jamie Foxx ‘Paralyzed and Blind’ After COVID-19 Vaccination

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An April 2023 aesculapian incidental related to a COVID-19 vaccination near entertainer Jamie Foxx paralyzed and blind.


On April 11, 2023, Foxx experienced what his girl Corinne referred to successful a since-deleted Instagram station arsenic being a "medical complication." As of June 5, nary further specifying accusation astir Foxx's backstage wellness substance had been announced by him, adjacent household members, oregon immoderate of his representatives. We volition update this communicative should immoderate clarifying details beryllium released successful the future.

In aboriginal June 2023, readers sent america questions that asked astir an unsubstantiated rumor that said entertainer Jamie Foxx had go paralyzed and unsighted aft experiencing a humor clot from a COVID-19 vaccination. This assertion stemmed from genuine quality that Foxx had been hospitalized successful April successful what was referred to astatine the clip arsenic being a "medical complication."

Here's the bottom-line: As of June 5, nary circumstantial details had been released yet by Foxx, adjacent household members, oregon immoderate of his representatives that would further explicate the benignant of backstage wellness incidental helium had experienced astir 2 months earlier.

We emailed 2 publicists associated with Foxx to inquire questions astir the rumor but had not yet received a reply arsenic of respective hours later. We volition adhd their responses to this communicative if they supply immoderate information.

Before we sermon the rumor's origins, we volition archetypal papers respective cardinal dates with a timeline for context.

April 12: 'A Medical Complication'

This communicative began connected April 12 erstwhile Foxx's daughter, Corrine, wrote successful a since-deleted Instagram station that her begetter had "experienced a aesculapian complication yesterday."

Her station continued: "Luckily, owed to speedy enactment and large care, helium is already connected his mode to recovery. We cognize however beloved helium is and admit your prayers. The household asks for privateness during this time."

The "CBS Mornings" TV amusement broadcast a screenshot of the station earlier it disappeared:

Actor Jamie Foxx is recovering aft helium "experienced a aesculapian complication" connected Tuesday, according to his daughter.

She did not supply galore details, but said speedy enactment and large attraction are helping him connected his mode to recovery. pic.twitter.com/Ifdv1Gj4OF

— CBS Mornings (@CBSMornings) April 13, 2023

In the days anterior to the "medical complication," Foxx had reportedly been filming with chap histrion Cameron Diaz and different actors for a Netflix movie titled "Back successful Action," according to People.com. The movie was scheduled to sprout scenes successful Atlanta, Georgia. People.com besides reported that helium had been hospitalized successful the aforesaid state.

May 3: Instagram Post

On May 3, an representation was uploaded to Foxx's Instagram relationship that read, "Appreciate each the love!!! Feeling blessed." The connection included emojis of supplication hands, a heart, and a fox.

As of June 5, this was the lone station made connected Foxx's Instagram relationship since the clip helium had begun experiencing the unspecified wellness issue.

May 12: Family Update (Pickleball)

On May 12, the Los Angeles Times reported that Corrine had issued different update astir her father's condition.

In her Instagram Stories, she responded to a screenshot of a header that claimed, "Jamie Foxx's Loved Ones Reportedly Preparing for the Worst."

She wrote, "Update from the family: Sad to spot however the media runs wild. My dada has been retired of the infirmary for weeks, recuperating. In fact, helium was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone's prayers and support! We person an breathtaking enactment announcement coming adjacent week too!"

The Geek Vibes Nation relationship captured a screenshot of the story:

Jamie Foxx's daughter, Corrine Foxx, shuts down misinformation regarding her father's health

"Update from the family: Sad to spot however the media runs wild. My Dad has been retired of the infirmary for weeks, recuperating. In fact, helium was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for… pic.twitter.com/ZDXyxPSFG0

— Geek Vibes Nation (@GeekVibesNation) May 12, 2023

A hunt of Foxx's sanction with the crippled of pickleball produced several videos from the past that showed his admiration of the sport.

May 16: Mike Tyson's 'Stroke' Remark

Four days later, connected May 16, erstwhile heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson appeared on Patrick Bet-David's "PBD Podcast."

At the 1:29:26 people successful the video, Bet-David asked Tyson, "Mike, are you pursuing what's going connected with Jamie Foxx?" Tyson answered, "He's not feeling well."

Bet-David responded with, "Something's going connected with..." Tyson replied, "Yeah, they said stroke. I person nary thought what happened to him."

Guest Adam Sosnick aboriginal asked, "Has determination adjacent been immoderate existent quality connected what this aesculapian information is? I mean, Jamie Foxx is simply a young, vibrant, steadfast guy. And each of a sudden, boom."

Tyson responded to Sosnick with, "Hey, listen. If we don't cognize by now, they don't privation america to know."

May 30: A.J. Benza's 'Paralyzed and Blind' Remark

On May 30, gossip columnist and podcaster A.J. Benza appeared connected Dr. Drew Pinsky's podcast, "Ask Dr. Drew." The occurrence was titled as, "Jamie Foxx Health Scare: Is The COVID mRNA Booster To Blame? A.J. Benza Shares Exclusive – Ask Dr. Drew."

At the 11:26 people successful the episode, Benza presented the thought that Foxx had go paralyzed and blind, purportedly from a humor clot that was caused by a COVID-19 vaccination. According to Benza, Foxx was "pressured" to get the vaccine.

We transcribed Benza's remarks below:

I worked my butt disconnected to get a communicative astir what happened to Jamie Foxx, due to the fact that it was each baloney what they were reporting. "He's playing pickleball. He's responding connected Instagram." No he's not. People bash that for you. It's each lies.

I had idiosyncratic successful the country who fto maine cognize that Jamie had a humor clot successful his encephalon aft he'd got the shot. He did not privation the changeable but the movie helium was on, helium was pressured to get it, this movie he's doing with Cameron Diaz. And I'm thinking, is that wherefore helium blew up connected the acceptable a week earlier this aesculapian exigency happened? Is that wherefore helium fired 3 oregon 4 people? Because helium conscionable had had it with these mandates?

I don't know, but what I recovered retired from the antheral successful the country was that the humor clot successful the encephalon caused him astatine that constituent to beryllium partially paralyzed and blind, due to the fact that if you work into what they were saying aboriginal on, "he's communicating with us" ... that doesn't mean talking. That could beryllium anything. It could beryllium writing, motion l-... I cognize those small codification words. And past erstwhile you archer maine your father's playing pickleball, springiness maine a break.

You know, I don't cognize w-... There's a large shroud of secrecy astir Jamie Foxx. He's astir apt the astir multi-talented idiosyncratic we person successful Hollywood, but adjacent TMZ is not reporting this, and I cognize TMZ has got sources successful hospitals who springiness them information, whether it's ineligible oregon not. But they're not... Mike Tyson got close. A week aft I broke my communicative connected my show, Mike Tyson said that Jamie had a humor clot successful his brain. No one's gone that acold to accidental that yet.

Pinsky past responded to Benza, saying, "It's been wide known that helium had a stroke, right? I mean they've said changeable a 100 times."

Again, arsenic of this writing, determination had been nary authoritative connection from Foxx, adjacent household members, oregon immoderate of his representatives that would explicate the "medical complication" helium had experienced successful April.

On June 5, we asked Benza respective questions successful a nonstop connection connected Twitter. One of our questions was if helium had immoderate caller details to share. He responded to america with the following:

No, I person nary further accusation different than what my precise reliable root gave maine past week. What you should beryllium doing is asking the Foxx household wherefore Jamie isn't holding up his iPhone and telling his fans he's fine. I don't marque things up. I've been astatine this for implicit 30 years.

This communicative volition beryllium updated should immoderate further details travel to light.

Note: Benza's notation of the "he's communicating with us" enactment appeared to travel from a study filed by TMZ

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