Wales echo 2022 with perfect Six Nations start

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Wales players observe  aft  beating ScotlandWales observe triumph successful Edinburgh to widen Scotland's winless tally to 11 matches

Wales person enjoyed different storming commencement to the Women's Six Nations, echoing their 2022 exploits with 2 bonus-point wins from two.

Ioan Cunningham's broadside backed up a convincing 31-5 triumph astatine location against Ireland earlier coming distant from Scotland with a hard-fought 34-22 win.

The results adjacent Wales' commencement past twelvemonth erstwhile they bushed the aforesaid absorption - but they volition beryllium hopeful of a amended 2nd fractional arsenic the tourney enters its fallow week.

Wales suffered dense defeats to England and France past twelvemonth earlier Italy spoiled the enactment successful Cardiff, but they inactive managed to decorativeness 3rd successful their archetypal twelvemonth with nonrecreational players.

Now with treble the fig of contracts, they volition beryllium looking to backmost up their opening victories, starting with the Red Roses astatine Cardiff Arms Park connected 15 April, wherever different grounds assemblage is anticipated.

"It is going to beryllium an breathtaking challenge," said Wales caput manager Ioan Cunningham, "we can't wait, England coming to Cardiff.

"Hopefully we get a monolithic assemblage there, it should beryllium a large juncture for america and it's what the players merit aft 2 bully performances and 2 bully wins.

"We person got a bully opportunity, but we person to absorption connected what we tin larn from this crippled and support building."

Women's Six Nations: 'A mates of macromolecule shakes and successful furniture by nine'

Wales cruised to triumph successful their opening circular crippled against Ireland, showing a objective borderline that had been lacking successful the past run and much precocious astatine the Rugby World Cup successful New Zealand.

The bonus-point was wrapped up by half-time, and contempt fading successful the last quarter, determination was plentifulness to beryllium encouraged by.

Welsh Rugby Union acting main enforcement Nigel Walker said it was astir apt the champion 80 minutes helium had seen from the broadside since they turned nonrecreational astatine the commencement of 2022.

"I was jumping up and down, the aforesaid arsenic everybody other successful the assemblage past week, it was a fantastic show and a fantastic commencement for them," Walker said.

As expected, the Scotland crippled proved overmuch much of an arm-wrestle, with momentum swinging backmost and distant betwixt the 2 Celtic rivals.

And portion Wales were capable to grind retired the result, Ffion Lewis erstwhile again scoring a precocious try, their subject came nether the spotlight with a precocious punishment number and a first-half yellowish card.

"We person to look astatine our subject and astatine the benignant of penalties that we're giving away," said Cunningham.

"Today [Saturday] was a batch astir the breakdown, the tackler not rolling, those small things we'll person to absorption connected arsenic we determination forward."

But Cunningham was besides speedy to item the positives of the archetypal 2 performances, notably Wales' pack.

It was astir a "prop show" successful Edinburgh with some Gwenllian Pyrs and Sisilia Tuipulotu scoring 2 tries apiece.

And for Tuipulotu, it is 3 tries successful 2 games and consecutive subordinate of lucifer awards, not atrocious for a 2nd enactment convert.

"The beforehand 5 person been excellent," added Cunningham, "especially Sisilia, she's been awesome successful the archetypal 2 games and fixed america beforehand ft shot and an accidental to spell guardant and play done teams."

But the teen remains humble amid each the adulation.

"I americium conscionable grateful that I got to play retired determination contiguous to the modular that I did," Tuipulotu said, "but I don't deliberation I would person done it without my squad mates, truthful the grant contiguous goes retired to them.

"They propulsion maine to go stronger.

"With the coaches that I have, I get to beryllium the champion that I can.

"My scrums are going well, the acceptable portion is going well, I conscionable person to judge successful myself that I tin bash it and that my squad mates are down me."

The Six Nations breaks for a week now, with Wales topping the Six Nations array connected Saturday nighttime up of England playing Italy connected Sunday.

And with a maximum 10 points connected the board, Wales volition fancy their chances of causing a large upset erstwhile England travel to town.

Their past triumph implicit the aged force was backmost successful 2015.

"We cognize England are going to beryllium dominant, but I deliberation this is our champion accidental to spell retired there, truly springiness a show and spell for the win," said Wales skipper Hannah Jones.

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