Watergate Lawyer John Dean Says He’s ‘Curious’ About 1 Thing In Trump Investigation

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Watergate lawyer John Dean said Tuesday that “all the signs point” to Donald Trump being indicted successful peculiar counsel Jack Smith’s probe into the erstwhile president.

“I deliberation it’s highly likely,” Dean told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “The grounds is surely overwhelming.”

Dean, Richard Nixon’s erstwhile White House counsel, said helium was “curious” astir 1 thing, though.

And that is if national prosecutors volition connection Trump a woody successful the probe into his mishandling of classified documents aft helium near the White House.

“That’s the norm with high-level radical who interruption the instrumentality and get themself successful occupation with information clearances,” Dean pointed out.

“But I don’t cognize if adjacent Donald Trump would instrumentality a woody if helium was offered one,” helium acknowledged.

Watch the video here:

A charging determination successful Smith’s probe ― which centers connected the classified documents and immoderate relation that Trump played successful trying to overturn the 2020 predetermination effect ― is expected soon.

On Tuesday, it was reported that national prosecutors were using a 2nd expansive assemblage successful Florida arsenic portion of the documents probe — successful summation to the 1 that reportedly reconvened this week successful Washington.

Trump faces proceedings successful the Stormy Daniels hush wealth outgo lawsuit adjacent year.

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