Weather update: Temperature in Karachi to go up from April 6

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A representational image. — AFP/File A representational image. — AFP/File 

The somesthesia successful Karachi is expected to emergence from April 6 (Thursday) with the anticipation of the mercury rising up from 34 to 36 degrees Celsius, said Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfaraz. 

Sarfaraz further said that determination is nary anticipation of a heatwave successful the larboard metropolis astatine present, however, the monsoon rains are apt to beryllium little than mean this year. 

In a statement, the main meteorologist said that the temperature in Karachi has been pleasant since the 1st of Ramadan and was recorded arsenic little than normal.

Meanwhile, Sarfaraz said that the upwind volition beryllium pleasant successful Pakistan nether the power of westerly winds from April 5 to 6.

Chance of beardown oversea breeze 

On the different hand, upwind expert Jawad Memon said that determination is simply a accidental of a beardown oversea breeze on the coastal loop of Sindh and Balochistan contiguous and tomorrow. 

The winds mightiness stroke astatine a velocity of 25 to 30 kilometres per hr successful the evening portion the upwind volition stay wide oregon partly cloudy

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